Sunday, August 5, 2007

Birthday Surprise

So last weekend Kevin took me on a mystery date for my official birthday present.

Well, before I elaborate let me explain something. The way things work around our house is that I keep the schedule and he checks with me as dates approach to see what we have going on. I have everything scheduled out to a "t" usually so that we make it to everything and the world keeps spinning. He really appreciates the fact that he doesn't have to stress about the schedule. Honestly, before we met he used to tell people not to ask him to plan stuff more than a couple days in advance b/c it stressed him out too much. Ha! I guess I do the secretarial work and he does stuff like taking out the garbage and mowing the grass (stuff I really appreciate)... we complement each other that way. =)

Anyway he broke the mold and planned ahead for my birthday and told me to save the last Sunday of July for my official birthday surprise - and what a wonderful surprise it was! Kev arranged for us to go on a sunset dinner cruise at the Baltimore Harbor on an old paddle boat called the Black Eyed Susan. The cruise came complete with murder mystery theme - making it even more fun! So as we dined on crabcakes and beef tenderloin, we got probably the BEST view of the harbor of all... Isn't my husband wonderful????

5 weeks now to doctor's on vacation for the next two weeks, so this baby's gotta stay put for at least that long. After that, I just might be ready!

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Ms. Burly said...

What a fun surprise! Good job Kevin! I will spend my birthday next year with a newborn...hmmm I will take that;)