Sunday, July 22, 2007

The dresser that wasn't.

I wasn't going to post anything about the "dresser from hades" but I've cooled off enough about it to post. More comical now than anything I guess...

I recently purchased a dresser online for the baby's room. I'm not really sure what I was thinking, but I had looked at several and didn't notice the poor reviews for this one until after I had made my purchase. I quickly called Babies R Us and attempted to renig my purchase as it had not yet been shipped. They told me that they'd try to stop the order, but that it was being sent from the manufacturer and they couldn't guarantee the cancellation. A few days later, I received an email confirming the dresser had indeed been shipped. So, Kevin suggested I call FedEx and request a return to sender. I did, and was informed that it would be returned to sender without being delivered. Perfect!

But, a few days later, I had a dresser on my front porch. Frustrated, I spent a lot of time on the phone with FedEx and Babies R Us (BRU) and finally got BRU to return the item at their charge - via UPS at their expense. So we set out the dresser to be picked up by UPS and I breathed a sigh of relief. This was finally out of my hair. Granted, I would have to eat the $30 shipping that it cost to get it to my house, but I could swallow that.

As I arrived home from work that day, I found the worst possible scenario - cementing this dresser as truly the "dresser from hades". There was a note from UPS on my door saying they had attempted to pick up the dresser and could not. The dresser was officially gone from my front porch and some loser was the new proud owner of a baby dresser. *sigh* I've since filed a police report and contested the BRU charge with my credit card, but I'm doubting anything will come of it. Some people just suck.

Aloha, Baby!

My girlfriends Jill, Kera and Melissa threw us a baby shower a few weeks ago. I just got the pictures in to post and I thought you'd enjoy seeing the fun we had. It was a luau theme complete with kabobs, Jill's famous guacamole, a humongous blowup flamingo and a Baskin Robbins ice cream cake (praline pecan flavored... yum-o!). If you notice in the picture, Kevin and I are wearing, yes, coconut bras. We also had grass skirts to complete the ensemble. =)
The shower was actually supposed to be a surprise, but I found out about it a few weeks ahead of time by seeing an invitation for it accidentally left out. Initially I was bummed to have found out, but it turned out to be a cool thing because I was able to find a cheap flight for my parents to come in town to celebrate in the festivities. We had a mini-family reunion of sorts as my aunts and uncles came also.
We got a lot of fabulous things for the baby and felt so blessed by all of our friends and family. I felt like I did at our wedding - it was so anticipated and over so quickly. What a good time we had though!

Jill, Me, Kera, Melissa (new mom to Joshua Caleb!!!)

Friday, July 20, 2007

Currently listening to....

Anberlin's new cd "Cities". My sister got me into this music. Its classified as emo. I'm not sure if it was around when I was in college and I have to say I don't like all of it, but Anberlin is pretty freakin awesome. I've been told by other's into it that there are a couple classifications of emo - the raging, screaming kind and the mellow kind. I think Anberlin is more mellow than screaming for sure, but they won't put you to sleep. So far my favorite track is #4 - A Whisper and A Clamor. Here's a taste.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Big news on the prego front...

Just wanna give a shout out to two friends today in exciting stages of their pregnancy. Angie and Eric have their official sonogram today and will be finding out what they're having. My guess is girl... but that's just because EVERYONE I know is having girls.

Second shout out is to Mike and Melissa. Melissa is being induced AS I WRITE and doesn't know what she's having. She's one of those patient types who can wait 9 months to find out if she needs to buy pink or blue. This is their 2nd child (they have a 3 year old girl). Pray for her today if you remember to. Let's hope this delivery is quick!

Seven weeks, 1 day to go for me. Eeek! I can hardly believe that!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Long time... no blog

Hey there... long time no blog. I know... I've been making a conscious effort to de-busy our lives so that we can actually have time for things like blogging and watching movies at home, etc. It seems that we've had something every night for the past couple months and this is the first week free. Excuses, excuses you say. =) Yeah, well. I can try. At least you know I mean well and don't purposely neglect the online community.

So its been an exciting bit of a day. I went for a doctor's visit yesterday and they measured me at 30 weeks - rather than 32 weeks. This is normally not a big issue, but it did cause me some alarm because the last time I was in (a month ago) I was only 1 week behind in my measurements. My doctor recommended I get an ultrasound today to more accurately measure the baby's progress. So, with a bit of fear and trepidation, I went into get a ultrasound today and get the word. Well, God is VERY good and apparently those measuring tapes aren't all that accurate. The baby is measuring just 2 days off of what she should be - not a deal in the least. We also had the tech confirm that we ARE indeed having a girl. As much as we'd enjoy having a boy, he'd certainly be hard pressed to find something in his size around this house. All of the cute infant clothes we have are rather pink and frilly. =) So with that all past us we are able to breathe a big sigh of relief and go along our marry pregnant way. Interesting fact though, the baby appears to be butt down, with her arms down by her sides. However, she must be quite the contortionist, because her legs are crossed in front of her face. Basically she's folded in half, arms at her sides... interesting. Not sure about that sleeping position, but I can't imagine that its comfortable. =)

So I'm including a picture of this 32 week prego body of mine. I'm noticing its getting a bit more uncomfortable as I walk and such and I've got a bit more swelling than before. I can imagine it only gets better!!!

One more cool tidbit before I go: my cousin and his wife just had their twin boys today and they were 32.5 weeks prego. While it was earlier than the doctors wanted, they are both doing very well and are rather healthy (one has assistance breathing for now). They came in at 3lbs 14 oz and 4lbs 4oz. Hard to believe that this little peanut is really that big now... Maybe we should rename her to pumpkin...

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Down the OC, hon...

At least that's the way they say it in Mary-land. We're spending the weekend doing absolutely nothing (and loving it) in Ocean City, MD with our good friends Chris and Kera. There wasn't a lot that we could do for my birthday this year - being 8 months prego and all, so this came up at just the right time. I've actually been dying to go to a waterpark - but somehow it didnt seem wise for a fully pregnant woman to hurtle down a waterslide at lightening speed. Although I'm guaranteed to make a big splash, I'm sure that could be cause for inducing labor...

Oh, speaking of which, we've been doing our childbirth classes at the hospital. This past week we saw THE video. The one with all of the detailed shots of that all-important moment. I think all of the women in the video were going au naturale because they seemed to be in a lot of pain. Lets just hope at least - I was left thinking it all looked a lot more painful than the movies had ever let on and that I'd like to consider taking it all back. =) Do they do returns on this sort of thing?

Oh... one more development, we've been looking rather feverishly (ok...I'VE been looking feverishly) for some cherry colored nursery furniture. The only problem that I had run into was that I was trying to be fairly frugal and yet get something that I really liked. So this week we ended our search and found the perfect crib and changing table on craigslist. Have you ever used that site? Its the best since its all local and you don't have to pay shipping. So, now I've just got the dresser to buy (I'm looking around for one that will match) and we'll be set. I'll post a pic of the nursery once we get it put together. I'm so excited! Ha... Did I mention I was nesting?