Thursday, August 30, 2007

False Alarm

Last night I began having contractions. The excitement mounted as some of them came 3-5 minutes apart. I had been just walking through the house when they started so it seemed that this was really going to be it! We decided to head out to dinner with our neighbor to celebrate his birthday. The restaurant was close to our house and I planned on eating something light so I wouldn’t have to "relive" it later. =) Besides, my doc said that I needed to time them 5 min apart for an hour before I came in - so we had some time.

Throughout dinner I kept getting them, but they were more infrequent and lighter than they had been - although I wasn’t moving around a lot, being seated and all. Once we got home, they picked up again and continued until we went to bed around 1030. Kev scrambled to pack the car and we even did a video diary (real world style) right before bed of "our last night before the baby came". But alas, this morning Kevin and I awoke to the sun streaming in our windows and no more contractions. Bah... So back to work it is. This little girl is such a tease!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Doctor's Update

I went to the doctor this afternoon and he predicts the sonogram is wrong! He thinks this kid is at least 6.5lbs right now. So we'll have to take bets. I thought the sonogram would be the best judge, but he said that there was a doc at the hospital recently who sent a woman in for a sonogram b/c he thought the baby was going to be big. The sonogram measured the baby at 7lbs 7oz. The baby was born a week later at 12lbs!!! Hmmm... I guess you have to take those measurements with a grain of salt! Lets all hope this baby isn't THAT big. =)

Down to the Wire....

Kevin and I were commenting last night how weird it was being down to the wire like this on the pregnancy. I feel like a ticking time bomb and we both thought it was a bit nerve-wracking. Each day we get up and wonder... Will this be the day? In many ways we're like - "lets just get on with it!". But in other ways we think... "lets not wish these last few days together away so quickly". So much anticipation for this event that could happen while I'm at work, in the middle of the night, etc etc.

Feel free to share your stories of where you were when you realized you were in labor.

Prayer Request...

I'm going to ask for prayer for my job. I spoke with the "powers that be" and it seems that the probability is great that I'd only be able to do full-time or nothing at my current position. Kevin and I were hoping that I'd be able to drop down to part-time once I return from maternity leave so now we're at a crucial decision point. Please pray for clarity from the Lord regarding the decision we should make. Neither one of us take this one lightly...

Time for the Eviction!

Ok, so this kid has 4 days to get here... Or else! Its been my mission for a while to have her before Sept 1st, because that's the school cut-off here and I know that she's going to be tall. But, alas, nature takes its course and doesn't really ask me for my timetable. =)

Actually, Kevin and I are officially ready. We packed the "bag" last night and I've caught up on journaling all of the pregnancy moments up until this point. I had been a couple months behind on that and wanted to get caught up before all the memories started fading and I had a whole bunch of new things to write down. I'm hoping the journal will help me look back and say... Oh, I had gained x amount by this point last time.

Oh speaking of weight, I had high hopes (very lofty indeed) of only gaining 25lbs. I've run into so many women who say "I only gained 20lbs with my pregnancies". Well I scowl in your general direction. I've managed to pack on 40 - much to my dismay. I'm very much looking forward to the insta-weight loss that I'll get when I have this baby, but I know that with 40lbs I'm definitely going to have to work to get back to pre-pregnancy weight. Grrrr.

Kevin's work threw us a shower last week and it was really really nice. They had a potluck lunch for us on Friday and several gifts from the group as well as some nice individual gifts. I got one of these recommended by Miriam and a couple of these and one of these with lots of refills - so nice!

We had a sonogram last week because the doctor still thought I was measuring small. The baby is apparently smaller than average, but within normal limits. The sonogram tech estimated her at 5lbs 4oz last Tuesday. She was super positive about it though and just thought that she'd be skinny - so we're not worrying. As long as she's healthy, I say small is great news. The doc also is estimating that I'll go into labor sometime after this Saturday (that's into September, folks). =( Ah well, I've already decided that if I hit Sept 1st and haven't delivered yet, I'll just wait as long as I can to see if I go naturally. I'm not big on being induced (got really sick last time from the meds) and I might as well make the most of these last few days as a DINK (Double-Income No Kids).

Here's a 38 week pic so you can see me in all of my pregnant glory...

Monday, August 13, 2007

Baby Update

So I had a doctors appointment and... drum roll, please... the baby has done a somersault and is head down! And I thought I needed to worry about it. Hmm... maybe standing on my head really DID help! I guess I'll never know. =)

Anyway, the doctor checked me out and said that from the looks of things he's guessing I won't deliver until right around my due date. So that takes a bit of the guess work out of things and gives me a few more weeks to relax and enjoy time with Kev and (most importantly) sleep. I took a nap after work today and it was fabulous... I better snag those while I can!

I'm still not sure what baby book I'm going to try to adhere to. My friends Alex and Miriam have tried them all apparently and have resorted to bits and pieces of various books. I'm currently borrowing Baby Wise from a friend, but I've looked into "Healthy Sleep Habit, Happy Child" and have also heard that "The Happiest Baby on the Block" was good. I know I wont be doing any sort of routine for the first few weeks or so other than feed, burp, change, sleep for 2 hours, repeat... but I'd like to have a plan of sorts ready to try as soon as possible. I honestly don't have time to read at the moment though - so I'm wishing that the books had little cheat sheets that I could just glance at and run with.

Kevin and I are still attempting to get through the 7th Harry Potter saga. Its SO good, but we're still only a few chapters in. This is only because I'll read it to Kevin before bed and before I know it he's snoozing and missed the last several pages - much to my annoyance. =) In fact, he's in bed right now and was out around 1030... such a lightweight! Its funny how much less sleep I need than him - even when I haven't had a nap. I used to be able to sleep him under the table - 12-14 hours. Strange how you grow out of certain things!

Well, I've done enough rambling for one evening. Better make myself go to bed or my OCD tendencies will kick in and I'll find some project to do here at midnight (yes, its midnight). Is this hormonal??? Or have I always been this way???

The Nursery

Whew... I finally finished the nursery...well, I may put up some additional pictures on the walls down the road, but for now, I'm happy with the way it looks. Its small and my camera angle isn't very wide... so here are the best pictures I could get....

Looking in from the hallway at my $35 craigslist bookcase! I love a bargain!

The awesome glider my in-laws got us - very comfy!

Behind the door, I just hung this coat rack by myself... I'm so proud! The outfit on the right is the first brand new outfit I ever owned (when I was a baby) and the sweater and cap were crocheted by my uncles mother-in-law... so cute!

The closet. End of story. =)

Changing table ala Craigslist. The quilt squares on the wall belonged to my Grandma Shirley - who I know would have LOVED to have known that they would grace the walls of her great-grandaughter's nursery. I miss her!

Craigslist crib - matches the side table and the changing table, but not the rest of the furniture in the room (ah well, do you think the baby will mind?). Yes, I'm using a crib bumper for now. No, the pillow is NOT staying in the crib. I could always change my mind down the road about the bumper since "they" say they aren't a good idea for SIDS and stuff. But I bought a nice baby monitor that's supposed to alarm me if she stops breathing - so hopefully that will give me some peace of mind. Oh, yes that IS a wolf on the wall above the crib. I always thought it was a nice picture, but Kevin pointed out it COULD be a bit traumatic to wake up to. Hmmmm....

And finally, our "his and hers" diaper bags. Kevin's is the camo backpack (of course) and mine is the Vera Bradley knockoff from Boscovs. I'm beginning to think it might not be big enough, though. I like to take EVERYTHING with me. =)

Sunday, August 12, 2007

9 months pregnant.....

So, its official! I'm 9 months pregnant and things seem to be changing. Thursday I felt significantly different. We think the baby has dropped down into my pelvis because my waddle seems a little more pronounced and things are a little more uncomfortable. My stomach also seems to be pointing a bit more forward and down. Last night I was up every two hours taking a pee break and thinking that my back was about to break and that acid reflux was something I MIGHT not miss once the baby is born. Hmm... Lets hope this baby flipped on her own and isn't breech still. Can they still flip once they've lightened? I guess I'll find out at my doctors appointment tomorrow. She HAS been moving around a lot so I guess its possible she flipped and I didn't know it.

I know I said I was going to post nursery pictures, but I REALLY want to get some pictures on the wall, so I'm going to postpone posting them until tomorrow night. All the furniture is in place though, and I'm breathing a sigh of relief THAT's all done. Funny thing... the bookshelf we order from Walmart arrived last week CRACKED IN HALF! We have had the worst luck with furniture purchased from the web. So I found one on Craigslist (my current addiction) and sent Kevin to pick it up. Its not EXACTLY the right color, but for $35, can anyone really complain?

If "nesting" is any sign of the baby showing up soon, then this baby is coming this week. =) This past Saturday Kevin had to go into work mega-early so I got up with him at 445am. By 730 I had the entire house clean and by 830 I had some curtains made for the baby's room. I busted around all that day and did errands etc. I'm almost thinking that having to sit at home and change diapers is going to be exactly what I need. I have a few OCD tendencies when it comes to lists and getting stuff crossed off of them... Lets hope that's not genetic!

Here's the most recent pic!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Turn, Baby Turn!

So last week at my doctors appointment I was talking to my doc about the baby's position. At our sonogram a few weeks prior (32.5 weeks) she was breech. I had a feeling she was still breech since I had been feeling kicks way down low. So I asked the doc if she could still turn this late in the game and he said it WAS possible. I also asked him how successful he was at turning the baby by pushing on my stomach once I was in labor and he said that has a less than 50% success rate... not so good. Then he jokingly mentioned I should try standing on my head.

Well, you dont mention that to a woman who is scared of c-sections and willing to do anything to avoid one... So I decided that I'd give it a whirl. Hmmm.. to all 8.5 month prego women out there... standing on your head is a feat I'm not sure I'd advise. I had Kevin in on the deal... he was the ankle-holder so I didnt go toppling over. He was was convinced I needed to stay on my head for a good while for the baby to get the idea so he helped pull my ankles up to the ceiling so that I didn't kill my neck. I dont think I was up for longer than 2 minutes (although it felt like an eternity), but, in that time, I think every last drop of my blood rushed to my head and all I got out of the deal was a whopper of a head/neck ache - no flipping baby.

So, then I tried laying on my back with my rear-end higher than my head (propped up under pillows). This is a much more comfortable position than a headstand, but still didnt seem to do the trick. I've researched the whole "coaxing your baby to flip" subject and one website recommended crawling around on your hands and knees for 10 minutes with your head low to the ground. I'm not sure what that's supposed to do other than give me rug-burn and make me look like I've lost my mind, but I may give that one a try.

To anyone out there who's gone through this before - should I be worried if at this point (35.5 weeks) the kiddo is still breech? Any ideas about what to do to get her to do a sommersault? Take a minute and, after you get done laughing at me, drop me a line.

Birthday Surprise

So last weekend Kevin took me on a mystery date for my official birthday present.

Well, before I elaborate let me explain something. The way things work around our house is that I keep the schedule and he checks with me as dates approach to see what we have going on. I have everything scheduled out to a "t" usually so that we make it to everything and the world keeps spinning. He really appreciates the fact that he doesn't have to stress about the schedule. Honestly, before we met he used to tell people not to ask him to plan stuff more than a couple days in advance b/c it stressed him out too much. Ha! I guess I do the secretarial work and he does stuff like taking out the garbage and mowing the grass (stuff I really appreciate)... we complement each other that way. =)

Anyway he broke the mold and planned ahead for my birthday and told me to save the last Sunday of July for my official birthday surprise - and what a wonderful surprise it was! Kev arranged for us to go on a sunset dinner cruise at the Baltimore Harbor on an old paddle boat called the Black Eyed Susan. The cruise came complete with murder mystery theme - making it even more fun! So as we dined on crabcakes and beef tenderloin, we got probably the BEST view of the harbor of all... Isn't my husband wonderful????

5 weeks now to doctor's on vacation for the next two weeks, so this baby's gotta stay put for at least that long. After that, I just might be ready!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


So I've been reading a friends blog that has a big following of women who have lost babies. And let me just say... I'm humbled. Although we've lost a little one too, I feel somewhat unworthy to be having a healthy little girl in a few weeks. Just the other day my friend posted a contest asking what you were most thankful for. (she had a prize for the best entry). As I thought about it more and more I realized, right now I'm most thankful for all of the aches and pains in this pregnancy because it reminds me that this little one is thriving inside of me - how awesome is that!

At the same time, I'm really fearful of all of things there will be to worry about once she comes - all of the external forces that I will have no control over and all of things she COULD have wrong with her that the doctors may not know about yet. I'm taking precautions to buy an expensive monitor to alarm me if she stops breathing in the 1st several months and I'm wondering if I'm going to have a hard time leaving her with different people that I'm not sure would watch her as closely as I would. Yet, I don't want to live in fear and hold her so tight that she can't grow and thrive and be her own.

I guess after losing one, you just feel guilty - guilty for celebrating another's birth. I have so many cute outfits lined up for her, the room is starting to come together (I'll have pics next week!) and we're really looking forward to her arrival with a lot of anticipation. But, in a way, it feels like that excitement in some way is helping us "move on"... And that scares me, because I don't want to "move on" if it means forgetting. At the end of this month, we would have had a 2 year old running around our house. In so many ways, I can't even fathom what that would be like. I just know and appreciate all of the good things that the Lord has brought into our lives instead. However, I want to FORCE myself to imagine a 2 year-old boy running through the house and playing with the cats - because if I don't, then I feel like somehow he didn't exist. And I think it's the fading memories of his life that scare me the most.

I may always keep a stocking up for him at Christmas - after all, Joseph was a member of our household if only for a brief period of time. I guess I don't really think celebrating our future children is forgetting his memory. But I realize now that choosing to preserve his memory is a choice I'm going to have to fight to make. His memory is what makes this upcoming celebration that much sweeter.