Tuesday, June 19, 2007

28 weeks!

Here's the official photo from Saturday.

Kevin and I started our childbirth classes at the hospital yesterday. We have 6 weeks of classes (once a week) where we learn all about birth, caring for a newborn, etc, etc. The first night went pretty well. Kevin volunteered to get up front and wear a backpack on his stomach that the instructor proceeded to fill with 30 lbs of various odds and ends to symbolize all of the extra weight I'll be carrying around. Not sure its the best depiction of what its like to be prego, but an interesting perspective for him, nonetheless.

I've been busy looking at garage sales and craigslist for furniture and other bits of baby paraphernalia. I'm starting to wonder if I should just order some furniture online so that we have it in time, but I can't bring myself to part with the $$ that is required to get a crib AND a dresser/changing table brand new. I'll probably enjoy it more if I hold out for a real steal so I guess I'll keep looking for something used. I can't help but think that someone out there fell for the marketing ploy of "buy the best - aka EXPENSIVE - for your child" and needs to offload it for half the price. Ahh.. I think I'd be frugal even if I was a millionaire. =)

I had a doctors visit yesterday and everything checked out fine. I'm measuring a week behind schedule, but nothing to be worried about. I've had a lot of people come up to me and tell me that they think I'm carrying small for how far along I am. It honestly had me worried a couple weeks ago - so much so that I called my friend who's a resident at Hopkins and asked her about it. She said that there were a lot of reasons women carry differently and as long as my measurements were within 2 weeks of where I actually was, then I was fine. The little bambino has been moving a lot more frequently - so that had been reassuring. I guess I can hope for a smaller (but still healthy) baby after all!

A lot of people have been asking me if I have any unusual cravings. Um... well no. I eat sweets a lot more than before and I know that's not really good for me, but my willpower has gone straight out the door. I've been walking to combat the calorie increase and that seems to help. I tried to run as long as I could (I wanted to run a 5K at 24 weeks) but it was highly unrealistic to think I'd be running very long into my pregnancy. I've heard of women that run right up until their due date, but I'm not sure how they do that. I get a sharp pain at the base of my stomach when I run - ligament pain I've heard. I tried biking and that produced its own pain so I'm just walking. Its kind of funny because my hands and my feet puff up horribly after about 45 minutes and I resemble the Pillsbury Dough Boy.

You know what is interesting is people's reaction to a pregnant woman that is active (exercising or just willing to carry things, squat, do cartwheels with the kids, etc). A lot of people have the perception that you can't break a sweat when you're pregnant because its bad for the baby. If I followed everyones advice, I'd be parked on the couch in the air-conditioning, sending Kevin to the store every 15 minutes to replenish my bon-bon supply. Hmm.. that doesn't sound so bad! =) Honestly, though, I'm not really the sort to have people wait on me - I'm just too impatient. And I prefer to do things myself. Ha! I'd like to be the one lifting, painting, going here and there, crossing things off my list. My body has definitely told me to slow down but I don't think I'll ever completely sit back and be waited on unless (heaven forbid) I'm bound to bed rest. We'll see what these last 12 weeks holds... I've been told that the third trimester is a whole different ballgame!

Monday, June 11, 2007


Ok, ok. I know its been a while. I really have no excuse! I have to mentally prepare myself for a blog entry I guess and feel like I have something to say. I've actually been getting a lot done the past couple weeks. Kevin has been out of town for business in Dallas and now is on a guys' fishing trip. I originally balked at the idea of him leaving so soon after he just got back from Dallas, but this is his last chance to get away before the kiddo arrives and I knew he REALLY wanted to go. Strange thing, fishing is. I have absolutely no desire to sit there with a pole in the water and reel the slimy little buggers in. But if that's what makes you happy... To each his own!

I've been a bit OCD in Kevin's absence. I'm a list maker from way back and am constantly scheduling out my time at home to figure out how much I can cram into my evenings and weekends. My inlaws came over last week and helped me install the closet shelves in the coat closet (it looks awesome!). Then, Kevin (in his brief stop at the house between trips) helped me install the baby's closet shelves. (No...we still dont have a name). Of course I had to then organize all of the cute little clothes and hang them up and arrange the room just so. We still dont have furniture for that room, but I have been amassing quite a stash of baby items (swing, pack n play, activity mat, bathtub, etc) that are finding a home piled in the corner. Its all a combination of garage sale finds and generous hand me downs from friends. I've found that baby stuff retails for a ridiculous amount of money so whatever I can get my hands on in gently used condition, I'm happy to have. Its ridiculous that baby items are so pricey when they are needed for only a short period of time!

I've found that I've been staying up late (last night 2am, tonight... 1245) several nights because I've not been tired and I've been compelled to finish a long task list before I finally hit the hay. What could be so important, you ask? Ah, well tonight I went through mail, did laundry, organized everything under the bathroom sink and weeded my old purses for goodwill - all after 10pm. I also ironed some baby clothes... hmmm... I dont even iron my OWN clothes. I guess you call this nesting - this wanting to make sure everything is in order before the kid arrives. I'm even itching to organize my husbands computer room - I must be REALLY crazy! Maybe I'm just realizing that I'm not going to have time to do this stuff after Sept 8th so I better jump at the opportunity.

You know though, my girlfriend Jill was just telling me how much she was surprised that she was able to get so much done since she's had her daughter. And I've recently met a lady at church with 4 boys (one is an infant) and she works full time. So, maybe it wont really be as bad as I think. I still think I'd like to go camping in October (in a tent)... I may really think I'm nuts when that rolls around. I'll keep you posted!