Wednesday, August 31, 2011


A friend called today and asked me how I was and I told her that I'd fallen into a black hole.  This summer has been, in a word... C..R..A..Z..Y.  And I wish that were the good kind.

I worked 50 hours a week for the entire thing and Kevin coordinated an entire office move and all of the hullabaloo that transpired afterward.  He lived at the office (literally) in one pair of underwear for 4 days straight.  And then another pair for another two days.

Fun times.

We are beyond the point of "I need a vacation".

Last week when I finally got back to my normal work schedule (thank you LORD!) it was like I was waking up after having been in a coma.  I had PILES and CLUTTER and my bathrooms hadnt been cleaned in 2 months!! (Okay, I may have cleaned a toilet once in there and wiped down the sink, but the shower?  Ick...)

So I know I know.. a lot of excuses, but seriously, if you wondered if I fell of the face of the earth... well... I did.

I've been so so remiss in taking pictures of my kids this summer.  I *finally* took some a few days ago while we were outside getting eaten alive by mosquitos enjoying an evening stroll.  Well, for Natalie it was an evening skate.

Last week, in the process of slowing down, I was noticing how much the kids (namely Liam) had changed over the summer.  Three months is a long time for a 2 year old and he seemed to be so much more pleasant on errands and able to understand and communicate so much more readily.  How had this happened right under my nose?  In fact... both kids seem to be working on their expressiveness.

I'm loving the trout pout in the middle.  And the "I just got picked for the Price is Right!" face next to it.  Seriously... what a ham!

Liams "funny" face.  "Sad" and "mad" are pretty amusing too.

In the middle of "CHEESE!"

On a rather exciting note, Liam has started potty training in full force! And his dad and I are doing quite the jig at the thought of no more diapers!!! I'm using Pull-ups for now, but I've already resolved that the box of actual diapers I have will be my last. Ahhh... that feels SO good to say that.

So because things aren't quite chaotic enough in my life, I've recently gotten interested in buying/reselling kids toys on ebay and craigslist.  Here's what got me started...

Bought for $3. Sold for $89.99.

You can't tell me that's not addicting.

Well, so not everything is that ridiculously great of a profit and its been a little bit of trial and error.  But, its been a fun way to bank up a little extra cash toward a vacation at some point or just a night out with my husband.  Hey... and if it gives me another reason to yardsale (did I need another one?!?) then its worth it!