Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I've Gotta Remember This

It's about 9:45 pm here and the kids have been tucked in for a good hour and fifteen minutes.  All the sudden I here a faint  "POOPIE!" coming from upstairs. 

He's STILL awake?!!?

Trudging up the stairs I walk in his room and he starts laughing excitedly (that I responded) and says "Poopie, Mama!".  Flipping on the light I see the sight before me.  He's sitting in his bed with his pants off and his diaper unsecured to his bum.  I ask... did you take off your diaper?  His smile gets somber and he says "NO" very decidedly.  True enough, the diaper is still technically on although the tape has been unlatched from either side.  He's stayed JUST within the rules (and he knows it). 

Me: Do you HAVE poopie?
Liam: No.  Gas. (We just taught him this one recently)  Poopie oah bobby ("Poopie on the potty"), Mama.
Me: You want to go potty?
Liam: Yes (laughing excitedly that he was getting what he wanted)

We proceed in the bathroom (he runs... clearly not tired!) and he plants himself down on the little potty and says satisfactorily, "OK!  Read A Books, Mama!"  And proceeds to hand me one by one all of the books in the bathroom for me to read aloud.

After about 25 minutes on the potty we have a little pee, a glowingly happy boy and a tired Mama.  He is quite an energizer bunny and never ceases to make me laugh.  Though it does pain me to know he'll be up at the crack-o-dawn tomorrow morning ready to hit the ground running again!