Monday, April 28, 2008

Daycare Nightmare #642

You find a pill on the floor of the infant room.

No joke.

My daughter was on a playmat exactly 2 feet from said pill. Where did it come from? Who knows? No one there knew - or was fessing up at least.

It's hard for me to know how upset to be. I've felt rather secure with Natalie where she's at and all adults in the room did seem very concerned. The director walked in right after I saw the pill and was noticably concerned. Hmm.. Was this "oh crap, a parent found this" concern? Or genuine concern for a pill on the floor? I'm leaning toward option B but you never can be TOO trusting.

Obviously the first question is "how did it get there?" But then the next question is, "what kind of pill was it?" I've never seen it before. It was a small white oval pill with the letters A B on it and a score mark for where you can split it in two. I looked it up online and Ritalin has an A B on it but it's round. Anyone know what this could have been?

So how much hell do I raise with the director when I go pick her up tomorrow? We've generally been pleased with the quality of care she receives there. But a pill on the floor of the infant room? That's no small offense in my mind. I shudder to think of what COULD have happened.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hey Ma! Can I have the keys to your car?

Ok, so it's been a little bit since we've put up a picture of Nat.

Natalie's started sleeping on her stomach (yesterday). It's amazing but I already feel like she's grown up so much. Makes me a long a bit for the swaddling days - how fast they pass! I am starting to appreciate just how fast things will come with her. Yeah yeah, she may only be 7 months, but if I blink she'll be asking for the keys to my car - or worse yet - if she can go to a dance with a boy. I'll let Kevin handle that one (reference here).


I must never say "un-huh" to someone again when I dont really understand what they're saying in order to just be polite. Twice, within the past few days I've simply nodded and not quite realized what I was in for. Today I went to Subway for lunch and got my usual - a foot long turkey and ham (half for now.. half for tomorrows lunch). I get to the condiments and the lady puts on a measly amount of black olives. I politely ask if I have have a lot of black olives as I like them so much. She puts three more on there. Umm??? I ask for a few more. She says something unintelligble but sounds like "third time?" to me. I say "un huh". Well she proceeds to harumph her way onto putting a couple more olives on the sandwich for me, wrapping it up and declaring loudly to the cashier that this was a footlong turkey/ham with EXTRA ingredients. WHAT?!?! I told her that I've never been charged extra for that amount of olives before. She gives me some crap about how some people dont charge and her manager comes over and says something about "you know... when its a 5 dollar sub we have to charge for extra ingredients" (or something like that). And then he tells me that "it holds the line up" and walks away. She then spends a full 60 seconds looking for a way to charge me the extra 20 cents they say I owe. Nice. I should have asked if they charge extra for those people that want "the works" or a toasted sub (they dont). Because those things hold the line up. What if I was on my cellphone - do I automatically get charged 20 cents for holding up the line? The most frustrating thing was that I wanted to storm out of there and say I was never going to be back, but in all reality it's one of the only places close by that doesn't sell fried food, so alas, I'll probably be back. I HATE bad customer service. ARGGG!!!!!!

Forgive the fuzzy picture, but my el-crap-o phone camera doesn't do much better than this.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Here, Turkey Turkey Turkey!

Why you would want to sit motionless in the woods in the early hours of the morning, in 40 degree weather dressed in full camo with several other equally camoflaged guys WITH FIREARMS making squeaky noises with a spring-loaded box to lure extremely keen and cautious 20 lb birds out of their hiding places is BEYOND me. But, my husband is rather enjoying himself as I type doing just that.

This is the 2nd year in a row that he's done this and he's really hopeful that he'll score a turkey. He knows that the probability of that happening is pretty low though since turkeys are known for their sharp eyesight and ability to see about 270 degrees at one time (or something like that). I told him before he left that I didnt really want a turkey... am I a bad wife or what? But what am I going to do with a full bird? I have never made one for Thanksgiving and much prefer my turkey sliced from the deli counter of the grocery store. And something about the knowledge that my husband has plucked the thing himself just makes me want to gag. I guess I just like to be a little bit more removed from the whole butchering process. Dont get me wrong - I dont have a problem eating meat - its just that I dont want to have seen it alive. I'd rather just get it shrinkwrapped on the little styrofoam tray.

How do those farmer's wives do it?

Friday, April 11, 2008


Our neighbor last night saw Natalie sitting on the grass in our front yard and commented on how cute she was - and how big she was getting. She then tells me that Natalie is much prettier than both me and kevin. Ermmm... Thanks?

All well, at least our progeny will go out there with an advantage over us in the world. Ha! Some people's compliments are just funny.

Things I'm planning for the weekend:
1. I'm hitting up a big kids clothing sale nearby (used/new stuff) Saturday am. Maybe I'll find some cute summer things for Nat. I'm SO excited that yardsale season is upon us. I'm a yard sale junkie - its true. I dont actually like to HAVE them - just shop them. =)

2. Exercise, Exercise, Exercise. I've stopped losing weight about 2-3 lbs above my pre-prego weight and I REALLY want to be back.

3. Go to a friends daughter's dedication and party. There will probably be lots of good food at the party - she always has something yummy so please refer to #2.

4. Every weekend I say I want to scrapbook and then I dont. I find that I dont really have time while she's awake and in the evenings I want to hang out with Kevin. So, my dilemma ensues. Unfortunately, its a big ordeal to drag everything out in front of the tv and makes me panic stricken as it looks like a tornado just took over our family room. But in the name of getting things done I suppose its worth it.

5. Get together with some friends Saturday night. They just had their 3rd kid and the husband was offering to come over to OUR house if it would be easier for us. Ummm.. Their kids are 2, 4 and 0. I think they "win" on the "needing to have it at their house in the evening" competition. I laughed to myself as I wondered what his wife thought about that offer.... Ha!

6. I'm sure a nap is in there sometime too. We'll see....

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Happy 7 Months...

What a beautiful day it was today! Natalie turned 7 mos old today and we went on a walk. The picture in the grass is just prior to that. She LOVES being outside.

Natalie's sitting up better and better now. She's still not sitting up from a lying down position on her own, but its not far off. She's rolling a lot and "walks" on her tipee toes when holding on to your fingers.
A couple weeks ago we decided to let the ax fall on her early morning feeding (330 or 430 am). It took a couple nights of crying it out for a half hour or so and was hard to do, but the result is a kid who sleeps from 7 pm to 730am straight! We're both scared that we're so spoiled and our next kid is going to be a hellion. =)
Here's a pic of Kev and Nat right before we put her down for the night. Not sure if you can tell from the pic but she's passed out. Can everyone say it with me... "Awwww".

Have you ever waited for something for so long and it seemed like it would never happen? We've been in a bit of a waiting game the past couple months and especially the past few weeks. There's something that we're BOTH really hoping will happen but it's just completely out of our control. It's definitely been a test on my patience and something that I've prayed a lot about. Let's just say patience is NOT one of my gifts.
I'll leave you with this last photo. Ok... I know every parent loves to style their kid's hair in the bath, but how can you resist?

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Roll Call

Alright, we're curious... who's reading??? Post a comment if you do. I want to make sure its not just my mother reading along. =) Sheesh, if that's the case, I'll just send you an email, Ma!