Monday, February 25, 2008

Nausea, Natalie and No NAPS!

So I had some sort of stomach bug this weekend. You know - it just doesnt seem like the weekend when you're sick. I feel like I was robbed. I need another weekend. =) Alas, it's Monday.
Luckily for me Natalie isnt sick. Although she's been a little pistol lately. No naps (can you even call a 45 minute snooze a nap?) and excessive crying paired with a big spike in hunger. All I can guess is teething AND a growth spurt. She's been bouncing off the walls lately eating me out of house and home. Unfortunately we're starting to supplement with formula. This is not my favorite idea at all and in a way I feel a bit like a failure. But I am just not making enough for her right now so I can't very well starve the poor kid. I figure its good that she's still nursing when she is and that's the best I can do for her. Still, I'm kinda bummed.
On a positive note, I am narrowing in on that pre-pregnancy weight. I've got about 5lbs to go. Although, I'm finding that I've acquired a "new" (not so improved) shape that I didnt have at this weight last time. I guess my body isn't quite as ready as I wanted it to be to get rid of the little belly pooch that has decided to hang around. NOW I know why "Mom pants" are all high waisted with that extra room in the front. *sigh* I'm not going down without a fight! I'm going to scratch and claw my way back into my old pants even if I have to hold my breath all day to wear them. ****GASP***** =)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ahhhh.... Vacation.

Well the trip to KC was SO much fun. The travel itself went much better than I thought it might. She slept great on the way there - I was even able to read a book! On the way back, she also took a nap. Something about the hum of the plane. I read my girlfriend Miriam's blog about flying with her twins (they're almost 11 months) and I imagine flying with Natalie is not always going to be so easy.

Natalie had another first while visiting Nana and Papa's house (at two months she laughed for the 1st time there). This past visit she sat up for the first time by herself! Well, by "sat up" I mean she stayed put for a couple minutes when I put her in the sitting position. Of course she was steadying herself on a toy, but she was there long enough for me to snap this photo. The high chair
in the other picture is the same high chair my sister sat in when she was a baby. It's over 20 years old... almost an antique! That's right, Lib... you're old! =)

She didnt sleep well during our stay in KC. But I think it could have been the change in schedule and the different bed. Fortunately, my parents had some good gear to keep her occupied - a borrowed swing and bouncy seat as well as a purchased pack-n-play and carseat. It was nice not having to haul all of the necessary gear through the airport!

During our stay, we drove out to see Mommo and Poppo and Augie. We ate a delicious meal and enjoyed catching up in an all-too-short visit. Mommo and Poppo gave Natalie an adorable quilt with her name and birthday on it and her first doll embroidered with her name too.

We also did a day-trip to Clinton, Mo - the half-way point between KC and Springfield to catch up with my good girlfriend from college, Angie. She just had a baby in December and it was my first chance to meet little Reece. Now 2 months old, she still sleeps quite a bit. Ahhh... I remember those days. How quickly they pass! =)

There were a lot more friends that I wanted to catch up with and a lot more relaxing that I wanted to do, but alas... all good vacations must come to an end. Hopefully we'll be able to make it out again soon!

Friday, February 15, 2008

KC, Valentines Day and Really Really Late Christmas Cards. =)

Ah, Natalie and I are flying to KC for a nice long weekend. Notice I didn't mention that KEVIN was coming, because he's not. He's staying back to hold the fort down and afford me some fun one on one time with the parentals. But what is key is that I'll be traveling with Nater-bug all by my lonesome! I'm completely packed - bare essentials only - so I dont have to lug 10 million things through the airport. I'm just scratch that... PRAYING that she doesn't have a bad time of it on the plane. I also found out yesterday from my friend (who watched her Mon/Wed this week) that her daughter and husband now have the flu. So hopefully Natalie's not going to be coming down with anything like that. I had my flu shot and she's been nursing - which they say helps. Hopefully so!

Kevin and I had a really GOOD Valentines day. I suprised him at his office yesterday for lunch and we had a GREAT time eating at the Cheesecake Factory. We even got dinner to go so that we wouldnt have to cook last night. Then last night we spent cuddling on the couch catching up on all of our DVR'd shows (Lost, American Idol and *much to Kevins chagrin* Millionaire Matchmaker). Oh, I FINALLY got my Christmas/New Years/Presidents Day cards printed and I'm mailing those out this week. Why am I even sending them this late?? Because I dont want people to take me off of their list for next year! And we had pictures taken exactly for this purpose - forget the fact that Natalie is now 2 months older and I dont really like the picture of myself. I'm a little behind the 8-ball, I know. But, why should all of the cards/pictures come ONE time of the year? Why can't we celebrate boring old February with a card? We need something to spice it up! That being said, if you dont receive a card/pic and want one, I may not have your address. So email me and let me know. If you dont have my email address, I'm not sure I want my face plastered on your refrigerator door. No hard feelings. =)

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Two Cuties

I just love these two!!!

25 Things About Me (Lauren)

1) I get SO excited about a bargain.

2) I can’t curl my tongue.

3) I collect magnets from places I’ve been.

4) I took piano lessons for 7 years and still have a terrible time reading music.

5) I have hyperhydrosis of the feet and hands. Layman’s Definition: my feet and hands sweat a lot. It’s embarrassing to shake someone’s hand, complicated to keep paper dry when writing and difficult to walk in sandals. (Wearing socks actually helps) Oddly enough its not always present, but it flares up automatically when I start thinking about it. Luckily, I don’t have the embarrassing coupling of odor with it.

6) My hair is naturally wavy. If I don’t put gel in it or straighten it, it’s naturally frizzy.

7) If I meet someone with an accent I automatically start talking with that accent. Totally embarrassing because it’s really not intended and I imagine it sounds all too preposterous (or even mocking) to the person I’m speaking with.

8) I took Japanese in college and high school but don’t remember much anymore. I was always complimented on my good pronunciation – perhaps because I’m so good at mimicking? (see #7)

9) I rarely can watch an entire movie. This is a new thing (within the past 5 years). I get way too emotionally involved in the characters and get stressed out by their dilemmas. Kevin’s constantly annoyed that I have to get up and leave the room.

10) My feet are flat.

11) If trying to recall something in my mind the first thing that comes to mind is ALWAYS “pizza”. What is up with that???

12) I don’t look into things as much as I should. I tend to accept things at face value and rarely want to know the “why” behind how things work or a purported fact. Not a great quality.

13) I have a zillion and one cookbooks but rarely get the opportunity to make anything out of them. One of these days (maybe with Natalie) I want to make a couple recipes from each one and then get rid of the ones that have gross recipes.

14) I love to dance, but haven’t had much instruction. I can hold my own.

15) I’m incredibly stubborn. It’s gotten me far.

16) I love to ski.

17) I grew up in Missouri and I miss it. I live in Maryland and I’d miss it too if I ever moved.

18) I always try to sing the harmony parts because my voice is really an alto, but I can rarely stay on key picking it out on my own. Inevitably I just sing louder so I can hear myself when I’m singing off key. I know everyone else can hear me too.

19) I dislike the right side of my face. If you take a picture of me I'll either try to make sure its head-on or of the left side of my face. =)

20) If I shake someone's hand, that hand becomes "quarantined" and I have to wash it before eating or touching my face.

21) I'm a very transparent person. I cannot hide it if I'm upset or sad.

22) I've secretly always wanted to be in show biz or be a model. Guess web development is going to have to do.

23) I love dill pickles. I like them in grilled cheese sandwiches (which I call toasted cheese sandwiches), on pizza and even in casseroles.

24) I love making lists and crossing things off.

25) Pizza!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Who Does She Look Like?

Ok, from the get go neither Kevin nor I have thought she was the spitting image of either of us. Let us know your thoughts. We'd love to hear your opinions!

Kevin circa 1977, Natalie - Feb 08

Lauren circa 1979, Natalie - Feb 08

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Poor Kev!

**Be forewarned, this post is NOT for the faint of heart...OR stomach**

Wednesday night Kevin and I arrived home after a long day at work. Natalie had just eaten and we were spending a little bit of time with her before we put her to bed for the night. Kevin was playing with her - getting her to smile and coo and held her up above his head to elicit just one more smile when she decided that she just couldn't hold onto that last bit of milk she'd just had. Down came the deluge of spitup (why dont you call it puke at this age?) all over his face and into his still open and smiling mouth. That's right... she puked right into his mouth!!

I was hysterical, in a ball of laughter on the floor. It was all I could do to reach up with a burp cloth and blot at the big glob of barf covering his eyelid and forehead. Ahhh... bless him for not freaking out and dropping her right then and there. I believe he was spitting into the sink for a good 10 minutes after that!

The moral of this story is this: NEVER hold a child above your head right after he/she has eaten dinner. =)