Tuesday, September 30, 2008

This Week in Pictures

The nighttime news was just too much to handle.

"Why is she naked?", you ask. Hmmm... you'd need your clothes changed (and a bath) if you were playing in the toilet water too!

Notice the painted toenails. I did it while she was asleep. She LOVED it! I know I'm nuts and that I'm setting my daughter up to be high maintenance and perhaps too "girly" but hey...it was fun.

Yeah for warmer clothes! I was actually shocked she let me put this hat on. She only really would leave it on if I put it on her and distracted her.

Home-grown watermelon from the neighbors garden.

She "chases" now and says "uh oh", wave "bye bye" and understands what it means to "pick up your cup", "change your diaper", etc. She also loves carrying around her shoes. I'm trying to write everything down but it's all happening so fast. I know we'll be out of this stage and on to the next before you know it. I love this kid.
Alright, enough shameless posting of my kid's pictures. I'm off to soak up a little "me" time. What will that look like? Probably playing this game while sitting in my pjs in bed.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Let Her Eat Cake!

So I know it's been a while since her birthday - but at least I'm still in the same month! We had two birthday parties for her - a family birthday party (before everyone left on vacation) and then a friend birthday party. Up until a couple weeks prior to the event, Kevin was adamantly opposed to Natalie having as she "didn't need the sugar" and "she wouldn't know any difference". But after a little coaxing (and probably some peer pressure) he finally conceded to allowing a mini-cupcake. She LOVED it (both times)!
Here are some pictures from the two parties.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Around here, a monster's got to work for his keep!

This is usually how I'm greeted in the morning. Bouncing in her crib like there's no tomorrow. I hope I never forget.

It's getting harder and harder to photograph her by myself. She refuses to look at (much less smile for) the camera if its just me and I find myself making a fool out of myself to get her to flash me a grin. It's really a two person job. (Grover was helping this time.) This is probably the result of too much picture taking. The second kid will be throwing his/her body in front of the camera and hamming it up big time so their existence is documented as I'll probably have no time for photos then. Life is just so unfair, little egg, so unfair.

Jamaica Pics - Finally!

Here are pictures from Jamaica! My sister and I had such a good time. Man, I wish I was back! Everyone knew we were sisters and quite a few people we ran into thought we were twins. I have to say - being 6.5 years older than her - that felt PRETTY good.

Here's the view from our room! The color of the building? Lavendar.

My sister bought a dress in town. You REALLY had to bargain. We heard all the lines from the shopkeepers "the more you smile..the less you pay" and so on and so on. Some were so pushy it made it no fun to look. We definitely were done shopping after 2 hours.

The water was SO blue and clear you could stand up to your chest in the water and still see your toes! We went snorkeling on the reef there and I got stung by a fire coral. Its been two weeks since I returned and I STILL have an itchy red mark on my arm.

The swim-up bar at the pool. Why can't they have restaurants with these in the states???

Look Ma, no kids!

I need a way to beam back when life gets hectic here. Thanks for the good time, Lib!

Here you go, Mom and Dad.

I know it's been a while since I posted anything. I haven't felt the blogging bug this week. I am constantly amazed at people that can type something interesting everyday. I've been a bit caught up with things though and I guess the busy schedule squeezes out all of my creativity.

Anyway...My parents wanted a video because they said it had been FOREVER since they'd seen a pic. Ok, mom and dad. Here's a sideways video of a pretty fussy Natalie. Ha! The best I could do in a pinch. I'll try to be better with the blog this week. I'm resolved.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Today you're one. And though you won't remember it, I drug you all over creation running errands and then tried to find bargain toys because I'll be rolling over in a grave before I spend $37 on a silly Little People toy that you'll play with a few times and then get bored with. We finally crammed the stroller into the too-narrow aisles of a consignment shop and I found what I was looking for on the VERY TOP shelp - a Little People schoolbus: $6.50. Then I woke you up after you JUST drifted off so we could run into a beauty supply store so I could buy some clips for your hair that I could fasten bows to. Buy a bow for $5? Not your mom - if she can make it! Natalie I hope I pass on to you the good things about frugality - not the annoying "pinch a penny at any cost" kind. I think its fun to find a bargain. Hopefully you will too.
Right now you're sitting on my lap, fussing because your nap wasn't QUITE long enough and you're not getting the attention you want from me. You say you don't like it when I type on the computer and expect you to entertain yourself? Come on, kid...this one's for posterity!
I'm so looking forward to watching you grow up. To when we can bake cookies together or scrapbook together or you can slide down the slide all by yourself. But I dont want to rush the now. The first steps, the way you reach out for me to pick you up, the cute way you sign "more" and "all done" and the obnoxious way you push my hand out of the way when you REALLY DONT WANT ANY MORE GREEN BEANS! I can't wait for later, but I want to hold on to NOW with all I have. I love you, Natterbug. You're the sunshine in my day - even when you are having a complete melt-down in the middle of the floor. Gotta go!

Take Me Back!

So I know its been a while since I've written, but I've been off doing important things like sipping fruity cocktails by the pool, stuffing my face with jerk chicken and getting stung by unknown reef inhabitants in Jamaica. Last week, I had a first ever girls getaway with my sister and we really had a terrific and relaxing time. I have yet to get all of the pictures, but here is a snapshot of one particular moment I take myself back to when sogging through poopy diapers and wiping snotty noses.