Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Nice Respite

I've recently made a fabulous discovery - one that gives me back a sense of "me" in the midst of the laundry, poopy diapers, work, meals to make, etc. I haven't had time at all to read much since having Liam. And I really didn't have all that much time with just Natalie. However, I DO have a lot of time to LISTEN and I've started listening to audiobooks on my iPod. I am in LOVE.

If you're interested, there's a site called Audible (owned by Amazon) that offers a monthly subscription to audiobooks. I came across an offer for a free two week Platinum membership to try it out. You get to KEEP the two books you download during that time and can even transfer them to two different computers and two different devices (other iPods) or burn them to CD. It's really a fabulous freebie even if you don't decide to keep the membership.

I'm also discovering that my local library system has a TON of audiobooks in iPod format available for free - so I may not end up keeping my Audible membership...we'll see. Just thought I'd share my new find with you in case you, too, are searching for the "grownup reprieve" in the sea of mommy tasks.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Quick Update...

We've been sick around here for about a week. I took a good amount of time off work this week just to try to recouperate. I'm sure many of you know, there's no rest for the weary when you're a mom of young kids. Especially one that has just QUIT HER NAP!

I decided to devote this post to a quick update with pictures so I could start a clean slate for the week. Besides, most of my musings this week have been in the neighborhood of "Where is all this snot coming from?" and "What cold medicines can I take as a nursing mom?" and "How do you keep a sick 2 year old interested in playing with toys that she's played with for the last week and half because we've had two major snowstorms and now become housebound again with a family cold." Not that I couldn't put a spin on those, but you've got to admit that none of them are really exciting conversation fodder.
Anyway, here are some pictures of the kids in the snow. I should mention that they lasted all of 20 minutes on this particular day. Kevin was back at work and I was on my own with 3 feet of snow and the kids. I'm also not nearly as much fun as he is with the whole playing in the snow bit.

Valentines Day around here was pretty sad, with snot freely flowing and all. Kevin and I canceled our dinner plans due to illness and just decided to lay low. Instead we went out last night to a new Houlihans in Baltimore. Mmmm... one of our FAVORITE chain restaurants. Panko breaded stuffed mushrooms, thai chile wings, seared ahi tuna bites, long island iced tea... definitely a fun night out!

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Well, we've been snowed in... COMPLETELY. We're talking like TWO AND A HALF FEET of snow. And drifts of like 4 feet. Internet is out on the street, but fortunately, this super-cool, geeky husband o-mine has rigged up his iPhone to provide internet for our home computer - so that we don't have to be completely prehistoric. We're also one of the only people on our street who don't have the local cable provider (Comcast) - which is down. Our DirectTV is working and we may end up being party central come the SuperBowl tomorrow night for all of our neighbors. Wasn't planning on that. Not sure what I can dig out of the freezer, but surely we'll find something. Frozen breastmilk anyone? Ok, ok... I'm just kidding!

Last weekend we had snow too, although, it wasnt anything near this much. We got a pic of the kids out in the snow. This is quite a change from last years picture. Natalie was on the sled screaming bloody murder in our front yard. I'm glad she's got a different perspective this year. I don't know if I can handle one of those kids that doesnt like to get cold/messy/dirty/etc.

Speaking of being "dirty" this past week has presented some challenges regarding the Natalie's nap time. She's officially given up the nap (today is the fifth day in a row). What's this have to do with dirty? Well... she's occasionally decided that taking off a poopy diaper and smearing it throughout the crib (and her body) is the best way to spend time while not napping. I, however, have tended to disagree.

Uggg... it's totally disgusting and hopefully NOT TO BE REPEATED UNDER FEAR OF HANGING BY TOENAILS UNTIL AGE THIRTY. A friend of mine suggested its merely a sensory thing and some finger paints would help to scratch the creative itch my daughter apparently has. I'll definitely be trying that, as duct tape, onesies and the FEAR OF GOD are all apparently not working.

So I'll leave you with a zoomed out picture of the first (taken today). Notice the accumulation on the trashcan. They STILL haven't plowed our street, but hopefully they'll get to it soon. I think I might go nuts if I can't get out at all tomorrow. That or I might have to make myself a "Mommy Igloo" in the backyard. NO KIDS ALLOWED!