Saturday, May 23, 2009

Yard Sales 2009

So, any of you who know me well, know I love a good bargain. I seriously crave yard sale season every summer and make a list of things that I'm looking for. This year, the list includes things like a wooden play kitchen, play food, another infant carseat (the same model we already have), a Sit N Stand Stroller, books for Natalie, a few baby boy clothes, a white dresser (for Natalie's new room), a crib (for Natalie's new room)... and the list goes on.

So far, between Craigslist and yardsales, I've found several things (and then some). Today, I scored big and found:

- several books (Dr. Seuss & Berenstain Bears for 50 cents a piece)
- another infant carseat in *mint* condition WITH a base ($25)
- a huge basket to store toys or blankets for under Natalie's crib (50 cents)
- 6 wooden puzzles with a cute little puzzle rack to hold them (for $4)
- an infant boy's winter coat (for $1)

This past month I also found the stroller and the crib I was looking for on craigslist (and a stand-up freezer to replace our small chest freezer in the garage). So my last few *big* purchases are a white dresser for Natalie's new room and a wooden play kitchen. I not only think FINDING what I'm looking for is exciting; I'm excited by the search.

Is anyone else addicted to craigslist and yardsaling like I am? Or am I the only nut out there?

Gramma...and the Bip Update

Kevin was gone last weekend to visit Gramma (his dad's mom) in a nursing home in North Carolina. It was a tough trip. Gramma is 95 and has recently been admitted to a unit of a nursing home for patients suffering from dementia and Alzheimers. She's the oldest of all of our grandparents and had such a full and busy life before she was robbed of her husband in the late 90's and then of her health little by little since then. This latest move out of her daughter's house and into the nursing home has been so difficult for her as she's not able to do all the things she once loved and be around family all the time. Kevin grew up with his grandparents living in the in-law suite attached to his house and loved being surrounded by his extended family, so it was especially hard for him to see her and wonder if it was the last time they'd see each other again.

Gramma lovingly sent back some gifts for the kids (craft projects she had done) and I hope that we're able to convey to them just how special she has been to us and how her strong faith helped shaped their grandpa and their dad. Thanks, Gramma!

While Kevin was gone last weekend, I decided to be brave and try to get rid of the "bip" (our name for the pacifier). I was leery that it would work - or that I would get any sleep. But, suprisingly, Natalie put up very little of a fight. We had already worked our way down to using it only at bedtime, so it just made that time a bit more of a trial. However, it was NOTHING compared to what I THOUGHT it would be. So, we're good for night-time sleeping now, but a new phenomenon has presented itself which I did NOT anticipate. Natalie has decided that she doesn't really NEED to nap anymore. Grrr... I've tried coaching, playing a cd, having her cuddle with stuffed animals, etc, etc. I finally decided that as long as she "hangs out" in her crib for at least 2 hours every afternoon, I'd have to be fine with that. Maybe the nap will come back... maybe not.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

30 Weeks

So I'm only 3/4 of the way to d-day and the thought that I really have a whopping 10 weeks to go is staggering. It feels like I should be having this baby any day now!! I've been waddling for months and my stomach has already reached the size it was with Natalie at the end. Mentally, though, I definitely need more time. I've entered "panic mode" thinking about all of the hurdles of trying to care for two kids at such different stages AND work AND take care of the house. This weekend I've been setting up Natalie's new room (I'll get pictures up when I'm done) and attempting to de-pacifier her. Getting rid of "the bip" (as we call it around here) is actually going MUCH better than I anticipated and we've only had minor tantrums at bedtime rather than WWIII.

Next stop? Potty training.

I'm determined on this one. I've decided that the next rainy weekend we have (meaning I can't yardsale for much-needed items for the kids) I'll be letting her run free on the main floor (no carpet there) sans diaper. Should make for an interesting weekend.

I'm not so sure I should be so optimistic... but wouldn't you think that 3-4 days of no pants should work? I mean, I have STICKERS and BUBBLE WANDS and SINGING POTTYS and am prepared to do backflips and jump up and down and make myself go into labor over success on this one. Oh I know you're on the edge of your seat. =) I'll keep you posted!

Friday, May 8, 2009

The Relatives Came....

Last week my parents came to visit. I would have updated sooner, but work has been SO hectic and this is the first chance I've really had to breathe. Lately my mantra has been "better late than never". I'm sure that's what I'll be telling this little boy when he demands to know why HIS baby pictures are all still stuffed in a shoe box and his sister has a neat baby book chronicling her first blink, sniffle, hiccup and breath. Such is life kid, such is life.

Of course Natalie was the star of the week. And it's good, because I'm not quite as entertaining as a 20 month old anyway. Being fully prego and tired does that to you.
My parents spent the majority of their time doting on Natalie and doing my bidding (er... helping me with fixing up her new room and doing my dishes). Mom and Dad, I'll just say that you're welcome to come back ANY time. You sure did earn your keep! =)

We did manage to squeeze in a few fun outings throughout the week. We hit up the Inner Harbor in Baltimore to tour a couple of historic ships docked there, the USS Torsk and the USS Constellation.

The Torsk is a Naval Sub from WWII. Here's some shots from our tour...

The USS Constellation is a war ship used in the 1850's. The people must have a been a LOT shorter back then because my dad kept banging his head on the rafters in the hold.

Then, last Saturday we all went to the Broadway Diner for breakfast. They were featured on one of my favorite shows, Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives (on the FoodNetwork). *Kevin was there, but he was taking the picture.*

Then we rounded out the week with a visit from my dad's brother (Uncle Dave) and his wife Jennifer and Natalie's 10 year-old cousin, Kate.

It was such a nice, relaxing week. We're really looking forward to seeing my parents again in a couple months when this baby decides to make his appearance.