Sunday, August 12, 2007

9 months pregnant.....

So, its official! I'm 9 months pregnant and things seem to be changing. Thursday I felt significantly different. We think the baby has dropped down into my pelvis because my waddle seems a little more pronounced and things are a little more uncomfortable. My stomach also seems to be pointing a bit more forward and down. Last night I was up every two hours taking a pee break and thinking that my back was about to break and that acid reflux was something I MIGHT not miss once the baby is born. Hmm... Lets hope this baby flipped on her own and isn't breech still. Can they still flip once they've lightened? I guess I'll find out at my doctors appointment tomorrow. She HAS been moving around a lot so I guess its possible she flipped and I didn't know it.

I know I said I was going to post nursery pictures, but I REALLY want to get some pictures on the wall, so I'm going to postpone posting them until tomorrow night. All the furniture is in place though, and I'm breathing a sigh of relief THAT's all done. Funny thing... the bookshelf we order from Walmart arrived last week CRACKED IN HALF! We have had the worst luck with furniture purchased from the web. So I found one on Craigslist (my current addiction) and sent Kevin to pick it up. Its not EXACTLY the right color, but for $35, can anyone really complain?

If "nesting" is any sign of the baby showing up soon, then this baby is coming this week. =) This past Saturday Kevin had to go into work mega-early so I got up with him at 445am. By 730 I had the entire house clean and by 830 I had some curtains made for the baby's room. I busted around all that day and did errands etc. I'm almost thinking that having to sit at home and change diapers is going to be exactly what I need. I have a few OCD tendencies when it comes to lists and getting stuff crossed off of them... Lets hope that's not genetic!

Here's the most recent pic!


Beth said...

Oh, look how cute you are!! I hope she comes soon and has turned for you. Yeah they told me about the nesting stage but I never got it, imagine that! ;)

Miriam said...

Don't you look all glowy and stuff! You look beautiful! Can't wait for those nursery pictures!!!