Monday, August 13, 2007

Baby Update

So I had a doctors appointment and... drum roll, please... the baby has done a somersault and is head down! And I thought I needed to worry about it. Hmm... maybe standing on my head really DID help! I guess I'll never know. =)

Anyway, the doctor checked me out and said that from the looks of things he's guessing I won't deliver until right around my due date. So that takes a bit of the guess work out of things and gives me a few more weeks to relax and enjoy time with Kev and (most importantly) sleep. I took a nap after work today and it was fabulous... I better snag those while I can!

I'm still not sure what baby book I'm going to try to adhere to. My friends Alex and Miriam have tried them all apparently and have resorted to bits and pieces of various books. I'm currently borrowing Baby Wise from a friend, but I've looked into "Healthy Sleep Habit, Happy Child" and have also heard that "The Happiest Baby on the Block" was good. I know I wont be doing any sort of routine for the first few weeks or so other than feed, burp, change, sleep for 2 hours, repeat... but I'd like to have a plan of sorts ready to try as soon as possible. I honestly don't have time to read at the moment though - so I'm wishing that the books had little cheat sheets that I could just glance at and run with.

Kevin and I are still attempting to get through the 7th Harry Potter saga. Its SO good, but we're still only a few chapters in. This is only because I'll read it to Kevin before bed and before I know it he's snoozing and missed the last several pages - much to my annoyance. =) In fact, he's in bed right now and was out around 1030... such a lightweight! Its funny how much less sleep I need than him - even when I haven't had a nap. I used to be able to sleep him under the table - 12-14 hours. Strange how you grow out of certain things!

Well, I've done enough rambling for one evening. Better make myself go to bed or my OCD tendencies will kick in and I'll find some project to do here at midnight (yes, its midnight). Is this hormonal??? Or have I always been this way???


Beth said...

I believe you've always been that way! Good news on the baby turning, yea!! You can always nap when the baby naps, don't forget that.

Ms. Burly said...

Yipeee!! So glad she did a little dance and moved in the right direction!! Hard to believe you can't feel that happening;) And as for staying up late - you have always been that way as long as you got your 12 hours in after that;) hee hee.

Angela said... glad the baby turned. :)(and I thought you were that way...)

pipsylou said...

I can hardly wait!!!!!!!! I know her name will be so cute - why do I keep thinking it starts with an "S"? Looking into the eyes of your baby for the first time is just so breathtaking. Get ready, mom and dad! :)

pipsylou said...

p.s. haven't you always been that way?

Miriam said...

Where are the last minute prego picts? I want to see that pregnant body in full bloom!!!! : )

aburly said...

Any more posts?? Soon you will be lost to the blog world in new baby land;)