Monday, March 3, 2008

New Purchase!

Well, craigslist has done it again! We recently spent a whopping $8 on one of the best inventions ever. I had one when I was a baby and now Natalie is enjoying hers. The Johnny Jump Up is sure to get a lot of miles as she loves to spring and bounce just about any time of the day. We're in the market to find something...anything to wear her out so we make sure she sleeps well and this seemed to be just the thing. In all actuality, she is sleeping well at night. Naps are hit and miss, but you can't have everything!
On another note, I wanted to post these two photos of a face she makes a lot. These are two pictures I took this past weekend and I'm not sure WHAT the look on her face is saying. Any ideas????


Miriam said...

She is so cute - looks like a little doll! Her jumping picture is very cute. Got to love anything that keeps them entertained and makes them tired! Got your message - hopefully we'll connect towards the end of the week.

pipsylou said...

She is so darling!!!!!!!! I love looking at your picture on our fridge!

Beth said...

Well, she looks like her momma when she used to go into stare mode. :) Maybe it's genetic. :)