Monday, February 25, 2008

Nausea, Natalie and No NAPS!

So I had some sort of stomach bug this weekend. You know - it just doesnt seem like the weekend when you're sick. I feel like I was robbed. I need another weekend. =) Alas, it's Monday.
Luckily for me Natalie isnt sick. Although she's been a little pistol lately. No naps (can you even call a 45 minute snooze a nap?) and excessive crying paired with a big spike in hunger. All I can guess is teething AND a growth spurt. She's been bouncing off the walls lately eating me out of house and home. Unfortunately we're starting to supplement with formula. This is not my favorite idea at all and in a way I feel a bit like a failure. But I am just not making enough for her right now so I can't very well starve the poor kid. I figure its good that she's still nursing when she is and that's the best I can do for her. Still, I'm kinda bummed.
On a positive note, I am narrowing in on that pre-pregnancy weight. I've got about 5lbs to go. Although, I'm finding that I've acquired a "new" (not so improved) shape that I didnt have at this weight last time. I guess my body isn't quite as ready as I wanted it to be to get rid of the little belly pooch that has decided to hang around. NOW I know why "Mom pants" are all high waisted with that extra room in the front. *sigh* I'm not going down without a fight! I'm going to scratch and claw my way back into my old pants even if I have to hold my breath all day to wear them. ****GASP***** =)

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