Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Miriam has tagged me! These are the rules!

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Six non-important things about me:
1. I love waterparks. I'm not sure if its because we went to WhiteWater in Branson all the time when I was growing up and its just really nostalgic or what... But, I am REALLY looking forward to when Schitterbahn opens in KC in 2009.
I'd like to go there for my 30th birthday.

2. Many of you know that Kevin and I got engaged after only 3 weeks of dating. I think I would die if Natalie did that. I imagine that many of my friends thought I was absolutely nuts, but 6 years later the proof is in the pudding!

3. I've had a burning desire (since college) to get a nose piercing. I really think they're fun and a little "edgy". But Kevin absolutely HATES the idea so alas... no nose piercing. =)

4. When I was in high school I used to get asked out by "dorks" only. (I'm sure these guys are rather successful and good looking now so if you're reading this.. dont be offended.) I actually told one guy that I had "family game night" one night and couldn't go on a date. What?!?!?! Did I mention that I'm a REALLY bad liar?

5. My first job was McDonalds and I loved it. I started out as the "bun toaster" (yes, its true) and worked my way up through "bathroom cleaner" to "cook" (not on the same day) to "drive-thru girl". One time I was handing a guy a large drink through the drive through window and the lid popped off and the drink sloshed all over him. He cussed me out and drove off. I felt terrible! I couldnt believe it when later he stopped by to apologize and I dropped a cheeseburger that I was holding because I was so nervous. He must have thought I was the biggest clutz!

6. My friend Kera and I started a jewelry and handmade card business a few years ago after The Apprentice came on television. We were inspired by the show and how they did a competition where they had to sell t-shirts in Manhattan and made a lot of money. We hit up all of the craft shows in the area peddaling our wares only to discover that neither one of us were sales-oriented and there wasn't a huge market for stuff like that. Both of us agree that neither one of us could do a home party business... its just NOT our cup of tea.

I tag:
1. Rach
2. Lib
I dont know any other blogging friends who havent already been tagged... =( Anyone, Anyone???

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