Sunday, March 30, 2008

She's a stand up kid.

I took this picture over the weekend. She WAS kind of leaning on the basket behind her, but I thought it was cool anyway....

It's been a low-key weekend. I've been sick - well we ALL have but I seemingly have gotten the worst of it. And I haven't felt up to much of anything strenuous. I was going to go shopping yesterday and I decided that I was just too tired. Now you KNOW I didnt feel well if that's the case!
Since there's not a lot going on here at the moment (same ole, same ole), I thought I'd pose a question to anyone reading out there... just for fun:

What's your favorite birthday memory as a kid?

I'll answer first: My birthday is in July and for my 11th birthday my parents threw me a "backyard beach birthday bash". We had a slip n slide and some sort of shaving cream war. There were lots of girls there and I remember having a blast. It far surpassed the folk dancing lessons the year before! =)

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Pipsylou said...

What a well-timed question! TODAY is my birthday! :)

My favorite memory is having a birthday party with Lori and another friend, Melinda, when I was 12. We stayed up late all night and ate my sugar cookie bouquet.

Fun, fun times!

Those pics of Nat ARE precious!!!!! My favorite one is the one where she is looking at the pearls! :)