Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I Hate It! I Hate It! I Hate It!

Natalie started Kindercare today and in the words of McDonalds... "I'm not lovin it". I'm sure its a great place and all, but organized daycare just feels so institutional. We decided a couple weeks ago that we ought to really get on it about looking around since our terrific friend, Heather, couldn't take care of Natalie indefinitely. We'd had our name on the waiting list at one center for a good few months with no word of availability and thought we should maybe submit our name a few other places as we had discovered that EVERY center had an infant wait list. We opted not to go with a home daycare situation since we were leery of dropping our kid off at some person's house we didn't know. There just didnt feel like much accountability.

Much to our surprise... Kindercare (KC) had an immediate opening since not one of the 6 infants on their wait list could start until April. *sigh* So, ready or not, here we go. In KC's defense, I took a tour and it seems like a good center - very kind teachers, happy kids and (according to the set of parents I stopped in the parking lot) satisfied parents. But with all of the things it has going for it, its still a daycare and a place where Natalie will, assuredly, get sick. She also hasnt really been around that many kids at once and I imagine its going to be a tad overwhelming... not to mention she's expected to nap in a crib that's in a brightly lit room full of playing children. (Note to the reader: she only naps well in a quiet room in a swing and KC doesnt have swings). If you think about us, say a little prayer. The next few weeks should be interesting.

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