Monday, March 24, 2008

This week in pictures...

We started out the week doing our taxes. Aaack! Not so much fun! Here's a picture of Natalie helping Kevin crunch some numbers.

Then Kevin's birthday was on Thursday. We went to Bonefish Grill and got a sitter (for the first time) to watch Natalie. It was fabulous being out by ourselves and we are definitely going to try to do it again soon.

Natalie started daycare this past week and admittedly it went well. Although, every day when I arrive to pick her up she's in a different outfit. Apparently they dont strap the diapers on as tight as we do and there are, ah.... accidents. Ah well. As a result she's had several baths....

She loves baths!

The weather has been cold, but Kevin and I are trying to take advantage of the sun in the evenings to take walks and get in shape for the summer. Here's a snapshot of our evening tonight... Notice Natalie is PASSED OUT! She plays hard at daycare and hasnt quite gotten the hang of napping there yet.

I've been in a bit of a cooking mood lately - trying to try new recipes out of the various cookbooks we have in our collection. We tried a pizza dough recipe tonight from the King Arthur Flour Baker's Companion - I love that cookbook! Nothing like pizza and a cold beer to round out the week.


Anonymous said...

Love it - thanks for the "week of pictures"
Natalie looks so cute in the sink - what are those frogs?

Miriam said...

Those pizzas look delicious! When can you come and cook for me? : ) Love the pictures of Natalie - crazy to see her sitting on her own - such a big girl!