Sunday, March 30, 2008

GM's support of Gay Agenda

While I don't typically use this forum to post moral/political concerns, I recently wrote to GM regarding their promotion of the Gay agenda, recently outlined by the American Family Associations newsletter, sparking outrage by many, including myself. I thought I should post my letter and their response so you can make your own judgement about future purchases with GM. I personally at this point will not be giving them my money to dole out to associations I have major problems with.

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Stop supporting the Gay/Lesbian agenda. My Buick Rainier is great, and I'm planning on another Buick, until now.. Stop the support or forget my business.

Kevin .xxxxx

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Dear Mr. xxxxxxxx

Thank you for contacting General Motors. We appreciate hearing your thoughts and having the opportunity to review your concerns.

General Motors is committed to diversity and equal opportunity for all our employees. This is evidenced by our longstanding policies regarding diversity, equal opportunity, affirmative action, anti-discrimination and anti-harassment in our business. GM will continue to support diversity in the workplace, the marketplace, and in the community.

We have documented your concerns and will forward your comments to the appropriate folks at GM for their consideration. Thank you again for taking the time to let us know how you feel.

*********My last reply******************************************

Tolerance, non-discrimination and equal opportunity are far different from financial support of offensive agendas and media outlets. You are obviously far more "committed" to that than the "EOE/non-discrimination" mantra you are speaking of. No one is asking you to discriminate against your employees, we are asking you to stop the financial support/advancement of such highly offensive agendas.

The finances GM uses to promote such things comes from the pockets of it's customers, and a great many customers do not in ANY way wish their dollars go toward the advancement of things which are very contrary to their beliefs and moral bases. I for one, am one of these customers

I am disheartened that my fundamental support of American-Made automobiles has to be thwarted due to such a ridiculous stance on the part of GM. Sadly, sending my money to Japan via a honda purchase is a lesser evil at this point than giving my money to you, GM.

-Kevin xxxxx


Pipsylou said...

It's all double-speak which basically means that they don't like nuclear families. I love how the "non-nuclear" family is actually encouraged in many circles. I'm proud of you for standing up to it.

Beth said...

Amen brother!!