Monday, January 5, 2009

Kevin - Mountain man

Kevin here - Just thought I'd bring the blog up to date with what I've been up to lately. Have spent a little time with small weekend trips going to the mountains to hunt with my buddies, Larry and Nathan. Our hangout has been Green Ridge State Forest which has tens of THOUSANDS of acres of public forest to adventure through. Its by far my favorite place to get away and enjoy the raw outdoors. Mountains, rivers, trails.... camping, fishing, and hunting.

Here's a pic of me and Nathan at one of the mountain tops right off a rugged offroad vehicle path (which by the way we almost didn't make it through)

On my last trip there, the good Lord was gracious enough to let me get a nice Buck. I got him during the Black-Powder/Muzzleloading Deer season with my new Blackpowder Muzzleloader (its like a civil-war rifle where you pour powder down the barrel, put in a bullet from the end and ram it down etc). More info on muzzleloading

Nathan and I did some really fun rabbit hunting one day and I got my legs all torn up from the briars, but it was worth every scar :), and we did finally bag us a yummy rabbit.

This was a spot where we stopped to scout out some more briar patches nearby.

We've been eating some of the delicious venison lately... some steaks and some stir-fry. Yummmm-O!!

Last but not least, I'm doing my part to help the farmers around here with the menacing foxes in the area. While I'm not a trophy hunter, I took this fox to help local farmers/agriculture, and he was quite a beautiful animal.

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Heather said...

very nice pictures. i feel as if i've seen them before... lol!
speaking of pictures, i think there is one that nathan has that i am dying to put on my blog of you.. i can't remember it now but it was pretty funny...