Saturday, January 10, 2009


Kevin's been gone the past couple days and let me just say this kid has given me a workout. I haven't even had her for the entire time as she's enjoyed playing at Grandma's house during my haircut and then playing at a friends house yesterday while I ran out to lunch. It's just that when she's's a full time job.

I found these pictures that I forgot to upload from New Years. One of the saving graces in her room is her basket of books. I've gotten time to get a shower and put my makeup on while she's "reading" away. She's very content paging through all of them for up to 30 minutes at a time (on a really good day). She takes after her Nana!

Oh, and I'm liking my hair better today. I think I just had a bit of shock yesterday with things. I had to remind myself... it's JUST hair, afterall. And it DOES grow back.


Katie and Jason said...

First I have to say you guys have one cute kid. Second, I know I don't have to quite yet...but when it's time how did you get natalie to stop sleeping in the miracle blanket...It really is a miracle, but I fear that she's going to end up being married before she gets out of it. While Jason might like that it may be hard for her to get a husband that way.

Elizabeth said...

I like the new length - it's super cute. :)

Here's a website that I think you would really appreciate. Today's entry made me bust up laughing. :)