Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pardon Me While I Hurl On You.

Ok, so this is what I get I guess. I've always been thankful (and perhaps a little overly confident) that I've never gotten any of the typical pregnancy symptoms like nausea or varicose veins or sciatica. Toward the end of my pregnancy with Natalie I saw quite a bit of heartburn, but it wasn't anything a few Tums wouldn't knock out.

Strangly enough though, today (the day AFTER my second trimester began) I awoke to a rather weird and unfamiliar feeling. I'm completely nauseous! It started when I bent over the tub to give Nat a bath this morning and did NOT get better when I tried eating a bit this morning for breakfast (cereal and a piece of bread). I moved on to a soda, hoping the fizz would fix things, but I couldnt even down a 1/4 of my favorite Cherry Coke Zero. So a few hours later, I'm worn down (probably from lack of food) and completely on the edge of tossing the few grapes I ate for lunch.

What gives? I thought that the second trimester was supposed to bring the best parts of my pregnancy. I'm not big enough to waddle yet. My back and my stomach muscles aren't hurting quite yet. I've still got SOME energy, although that's waning. And the heartburn hasn't kicked in quite yet. With this curve ball I'm unsure how long I can expect this to last and quite frankly I feel robbed of my increasing excuse to "eat for two". =)

Has anyone heard of this before or experienced it? I googled it, and apparently it IS out there. Not as common, but it DOES exist. So strange... and undeniably annoying!

Update: Found out that I had the stomach bug. Blech! But at least it was over and done with within about 24 hours. I dont know HOW all of you women who have dealt with pregnancy nausea have done it... One day was DEFINITELY enough for me.


Kevin said...

It means its a boy :)

Angie said...

Oh my friend. I am SO sorry to hear this. I have been there - not so much at my 2nd tri but been there. I know it doesn't seem like it but it will get better.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your pregnancy!! How exciting!

And, yes, I've been sick/nauseous in my 2nd & 3rd trimesters in both of my pregnancies. :( Hope you feel better and more energetic soon!

- Cara (Burchett) Greninger

Morgan said...

Congratualtions on the good news! I am due in 6 weeks and would still be throwing up if I weren't on medication. I don't know much about it starting in the 2nd trimester though. For your sake (and the rest of the family) I hope it passes soon.

Miriam said...

Bummer - hope this passes soon!!! Love the ultrasound photos - we found out yesterday we are having girl #3!