Wednesday, January 28, 2009


We had our first real snow yesterday and today. It actually stuck this time! I think its so obnoxious that everyone here is afraid of snow and doesn't like it. I absolutely LOVE snow and think its ridiculous that people are intimidated to go out of their houses here when there's an inch on the ground. Come ON people!

Natalie has never officially played in the snow until today. Unfortunately, the snow was really ice by the time we got to it so it wasn't much fun. Nat was all business as she was trying to focus on NOT falling down. Hmmm...hope she doesn't adopt the cranky-pants Maryland attitude about winter.

And here are some pictures from our yard....

I'm trying to take some photos that might make good black and whites for our wall in the living room. I had a thought to do 4 separate summer/winter/fall/spring close shots (in black and white) for our living room wall. We need something more "grown up" in there and I thought it would be neat to make the photos myself rather than buying posters at the store and framing them. Which one of these would you vote for?


Heather said...

natalie is so cute in her snow suit! i like the last picture the best!

Sue said...

Hi Kevin & Lauren! I try to read your blog about once a month to catch up on how you all are doing & to see how big Natalie is getting. She's so adorable! To my surprise, I see that another little one is on the way! Congratulations from all of us! Don't worry about the kids being close in age. For us, it was great having them 2yrs apart as opposed to (for example) 6 or more. I think they're closer to each other because of it. Yeah, it can be hectic at times with two little ones, but it's also pretty awesome! Feel free to email me to keep in Hope to hear from you soon.
Sue (Dave, Katie & Taylor)

Kera said...

What a cutie!! I have lived in MD my whole life and unlike the rest of the state I LOVE snow!!! I wish we would get more like when we were little, oh well maybe one of these years.

I like the last picture better also : )