Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Some videos of Natterbug

Kevin here... Finally got my capture software set up on my laptop, since my old PC I used for editing bit the dust. Here are a few somewhat recent videos!

Natalie splish splashin' in the sink at bath-time!

Here's the little munchkin in the morning waking up. I love this moment, everyday. It makes the start of every day a bit better, just seeing this :)

Hope you enjoyed them!


Angie said...

This is the best idea Kevin! My favorite time of day is waking Reese up too - and seeing that smile!!

Kevin & Lauren said...

Kev, thanks for posting these. They're just PRICELESS! I really appreciate you taking videos of her. =)

Katie said...

I keep meaning to leave a comment on these videos...SOOO cute!!!

Katie said...

Kevin, I must say I LOVED that you read Jenny's book...I've been telling Jason he should read it!