Sunday, May 11, 2008

I've Been a Readin'

Just finished my third book of 2008. Yes, folks... its true. I started to read.

*Much cheering*

I guess I figured it's high time I attempt to get back to my roots (my mother is a librarian) and focus on a little thing called literacy. Ok ok.. I've known how to read - its just that I didn't. Anyway, I'm mainly sticking with easy reads - "page turners" if you will. All of the stuff in the news recently about the polygamists in TX got me curious about how those folks do it. I just can't imagine sharing a husband and I thought it would be interesting to read up on why women wanted to do it and just HOW it worked. The book I just finished is called "Shattered Dreams - My Life as a Polygamist's Wife". Let me tell you it is SO good. I had no idea that many women were living in abject poverty to live "The Principle" (or polygamy). Irene Spencer's struggle to find love and fulfillment in her marriage, sanity as a mother of 13 and peace with God is really heartrending. I was constantly in awe of her resolve as I would have thrown in the towel far before she did. Definitely, definitely something you should read.

Oh, and because I didnt post them here, my first book of 2008 was "One for the Money", fiction by Janet Evanovich. Warning - a bit raw in parts, but I thought it was very good. A quick, appetite-whetting read. I'm getting ready to start the second one in the series, "Two for the Dough".

And then I read another novel called "P.S. I Love You" by Cecelia Ahern. So sad, but yet so good. The movie just came out in DVD I think but I heard they've changed it a bit - not sure.


Angie said...

ooh ooh I love this blog - I am glad you have been reading. I finally picked up a series that I had started last year. It is by Dee Hendersson. I finished The Guardian in one week and I am on to the next one. Good books, and good reminders spiritually as well.

Beth said...

Matt & Elijah just got me two books for Mother's Day in hopes to get me reading. So perhaps I will. Yes, the movie P.S I Love You is out on DVD, just watched it Friday. Soooo sad yet good.