Sunday, May 11, 2008

Excuse me Ma'am, but you have shrubs on your face.

I got out of the house on Saturday and had some much overdue "me time". Kevin was gracious enough to watch Natalie for a good portion of the day while I went out to get a pedicure and squeeze in some retail therapy. Hmmm... although when you shop places like TJ Maxx, Filene's Basement and the clearance racks at the mall maybe its called "Discount Therapy".

Anyway - I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

My first stop was the nail salon to get my toes done. I hit up one of my favorite nail salons (the kind where you can get a pedicure and a manicure for $28 - you know the kind) and sat down to a relaxing 45 minutes of pampering. One of the first things out of the girl's mouth as she sloughs away the rough spots on my feet was "Do you want anything else done? Are you sure you dont want your eyebrows waxed?".

Umm... "no thanks".

Gee... I didnt think they look THAT bad. I don't exactly look like Sasquatch or anything. I decide to just let that one roll past me - this is my "me time" after all - better enjoy it! We chat on and she finishes painting my toes. As she was shaping my nails she starts in.. "Lauren, why don't you want get eyebrow's done?". Geez. Is it just the cultural divide or is this girl totally oblivious to the fact that you can't just offend people like that? I try to be polite again and she goes on and on about how my eyebrows are uneven and how they really need waxed. Argg!!! Either my friends have just been secretly relishing in my wretched and unsightly eyebrows for their own selfish motives or this girl seriously needed some extra cash. I mean, have you ever??? I wasnt quite sure how to react, but I knew I HAD to hold my tounge or I'd say something I'd regret later. Granted, there were a lot of reasons I didnt want to have my eyebrows waxed - namely because I cried last time someone did them because they took WAY too much off and I practically needed a pencil to draw them back in. But I didn't feel like discussing any of these reasons with someone who I shared a language barrier with. Feeling rather self-concious I left the salon for my shopping excursion. At least my nails looked good. *Sigh*

I had several items on my "list" for things I was looking for on Saturday: summer handbag, sandals, bermuda shorts, dressy tops and cute undergarmets - because after having a baby one MUST have cute and properly-fitting undergarmets. It had been a long time since I'd been shopping so this list was longer than my normal shopping list. You should have seen me on Saturday... literally STARVED for shopping time by MYSELF I RAN from store to store trying things on and hemming and hawing over prices.

Ultimately I came to a familiar realizaton - I'm cheap. I just can't spend $50 on summer sandals. I simply refuse to. It was so frustrating because I found shoes and sandals I liked but I couldn't rationalize spending the $$ that was required and Payless didn't have anything I liked. A bit defeated I trudged home with a few more undergarmets and a handbag. Hopefully Target will have some cute things this summer because I usually am fine with their prices and they're also a bit more kid friendly than the mall. Welcome to the new chapter in my life - the "I only shop at Target because I can buy clothes AND toothpaste in the same trip" chapter. At least I usually like their things.


Kevin said...

I'm laughing over here hon... reminds me of the girl at the japanese restaurant that told me I shouldn't have another beer because of the size of my stomach. It was clearly going to make my beer belly bigger she said as she pointed and gestured...

Haha... I could only laugh.

Beth said...

Ha, poor Lauren! I finally gave in last July and started getting mine waxed b/c I did have shrubs on my face. Up until then for some reason I just didn't care. :) Glad you got some you time.

Miriam said...

Ah - from one set of bushy eyebrows to another - just tell them you are going for the Brooke Shields look - it made her distinctive right? I just try to make sure mine don't turn into a unibrow - and that is about as good as it gets. I think your brows are lovely - enviable really! : )