Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I Heart Summertime

Last night Kevin and I made some yummy chicken enchiladas after the schnip (yes I'm referring to my daughter) went to bed. We had a good time and goofed off as we each took a part in the ordeal. Kevin chops, I shred the chicken and then glance frantically around the kitchen a the mess that we're making thinking of how I just cleaned this dang room not 24 hours ago and bark out orders to make sure he cleans up his mess, because I ALWAYS clean up mine (ok, he'd have some words to say about this one but I'm writing this post and he's not... hee hee hee).

I digress.

I eye up the avocados we bought a couple days ago for *gasp* $1.50 a piece and we muse about how we'd like to live in California for the cheap avocados - although Kevin is quite sure he could not handle the "left coast" (as he calls it). I ponder that it might be nice to buy fresh avocados for 30 cents a piece and super good mexican food, but we'd lose the savings by paying 1 Million for a house out there. Hmmm... Think I'll stay put.

So I pick the ripest of the two and mash it up with a fork being quite liberal with the salt and adding a touch of garlic powder. Next comes the grated onion and a generous pour of salsa. Stir and Voila! Summertime in a bowl! Kev and I both agree that this is much better if it "melds" in the fridge, but I never can wait for that to occur. So we open a bag of chips and dig in.

I wish I could take credit for this recipe, but alas its my friend Jill's recipe (from California). I'd had guacamole once prior to trying hers and I HATED it. It was in 3rd grade when we learned Spanish from a group of high schoolers who came to our school. They obviously had no idea what they were doing because I remember it as bland and boring. Come to think of it - a lot of food I ate growing up in the midwest was bland - not a lot of salt and/or heat. Anyway... I'm a changed woman. And guacamole = good = summertime.



Beth said...

Mmmmmmm, guacamole!!

Barb said...

Bland and boring? love, your mother who cooked all of those meals. hmmm. :0)

Xenetar said...

[laugh] nonono... certainly not talking about the HOME cookin, just everyone elses.... wasn't that clearly implied???? :)