Thursday, May 1, 2008

My computer is s...l...o...w

So I'm sitting here munching on some of these and wondering why my computer is



Good grief. The cursor is even creeping along. Something must be wrong with this thing. Too bad its maxed out on 768 MB of RAM. Man... that used to be so good. Not no more!

I put Natalie in this tonight:

She paddled around the kitchen like a little pro. Once she got near the black bag in the picture here she reached up and grabbed it like she owned it. That got me thinking as to how much crap I've got at eye level for her once she starts getting mobile. That's going to be a whole new ballgame - one I dont think I'm ready for.


Miriam said...

Ah yes, Addie also likes to treasure hunt in my purse and her diaper bag! Cute picture!

Chris, Kera and the Girls said...

Now the fun begins : )
Why are grown-up things so much more interesting than the tons of money we spend on all those bright colored toys : ) Natalie is adorable, as usual!!