Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ready or Not... Here We Come!

Tomorrow I'm doing it. I'm throwing in the towel, er... diaper, and giving my little girl the push she needs to get serious about this potty thing. I'll be trying this tactic.

Will it work? I dunno. My strategy is to roll-up the area rug and cover the couch with plastic and give it a go. I'm hopeful that after a few days we might just be on course to a diaper-free 2 year old.

Or I might be declared insane.

Stay tuned. And say a few prayers for me if you think of it.

10am update
She's gone on the potty two times. But she just peed on the floor and didn't really seem to notice (even though she was sitting in it). She seems excited about flushing the potty and getting pennys for her piggy bank. Currently she's sitting on the potty in the middle of living room watching Sesame Street.

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Miriam said...

Oh my...how did the rest of the day go? : )