Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Room is Done!

For the past few months I've been working on putting together a new room for Natalie. Moving her into a new place made more sense than making a new nursery since the nursery is already blue and also the smallest room of the house. Poor little boy... already getting the shaft! I figure he won't know the difference, though, for a couple years at least.

So I've been assembling her room piece by piece from treasures I've found at yard sales and Craigslist (trying to save a bit of $$). The inspiration for the color scheme came from a piece of scrapbook paper that I really liked and I just kind of ran with that. The fact that it really all came together was an exciting surprise - I definitely found myself at times wondering "did I make this too hard?"

This is the view from her doorway. All of the furniture is a second-hand find (except for the bookshelf, which we already had, and the beanbag cushion, from Walmart). Did I mention that I found the little table and chairs for only FIVE dollars? It was a natural color and Kevin lovingly spray painted it for me.

The wall is covered with removable vinyl clings that I cut myself using my Cricut (that Kevin got me for Christmas). I really love that thing and use it way more than I thought I did. It was definitely WORTH it.
The cubby shelf with baskets is a toybox of sorts. Obviously she's not tall enough to reach the top baskets, but it's useful for storing things with little pieces we don't want her getting out on her own. I'm excited because it means fewer toys in our living room. Maybe that means it can actually look like adults live here now!

The dresser was by far the hardest thing to find. I had a specific price I wanted to spend and nothing new was within that range. I scoured Craigslist until I came up with it.

And as for the window seat cushion, I wish I could say that I made it myself, but I'm just not that talented. That was actually a gift from a friend.

I did, however, repaint this little doll bed and make a new mattress and pillow for it to match the room. All in all, the whole thing was a fun project. I honestly can say, though, that I'm glad I'm done!


Lib said...

That looks like something from a magazine! It turned out so cool, I can't wait to see it. I think it's really neat that you used your cricut for the wall stickers. You can buy things like that from but it's pretty expensive, and this way you can dictate exactly what you want. You're such a creative person!

Barb said...

Ditto Lib! love, Mom

Miriam said...

The room is beautiful!!!

Angie said...

HOLY COW will you come here and help me!! This looks awesome, I am SO excited for Natalie and her new room!! I want to know where you found the vinyl. I have yet to master my cricut I received for a christmas gift as well...sad but true.
PS we need to catch up!

Sarah said...

It looks so great!