Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Down the Ocean, Hon!

This past weekend we went a place Marylanders call "Down the Ocean, Hon!", also know as Ocean City, MD. We had a blast and, fortunately, I didn't go into labor amongst all of the 4th of July partiers also at the beach. It would have been a nightmare getting out of there. I was envisioning having a baby in a crowded Ocean City emergency room right next to the drunken college students and not-so-bright firecracker newbs.

But, I didn't. And for that, I'm thankful!

Natalie had a good time playing in the sand and in the water; however, she didn't really understand the importance of not roaming the beach and checking out what other people were doing and what toys they had to play with. It seemed we were chasing her around the entire afternoon telling her to "come back" and "no, those aren't our things" and "please stop throwing sand at the neighbors". *Sigh* Maybe next year will be a little bit different.

We actually stayed near Bethany Beach, DE - which is only a few miles from Ocean City. We really enjoyed walking the boardwalks at both beaches, eating lots of junk food, playing in the water and the sand (although I got a killer burn on my back), watching movies and taking lazy naps back at the beach house. I'm sure it's the last hurrah before we have the new little guy, so it was a welcome get-away.

Kevin and I were scratching our heads at what was up with the name for the bay in the area. Click on the photo to get a closer look at the inset I highlighted. I'm not sure why anyone wouldn't want to be the woman the "little" bay was named after???

I debated putting this picture up. I thought they all were horrible of me, and alas I'm saying "cheese" in this one. I settled for cropping my bottom half out of the picture. Uggg...

Kevin on the other hand is steadily losing more and more weight. He's been swimming and doing a South Beach-ish diet for the past couple months. It's not so fun to cook for, but he's seen great results. Granted the food he isn't eating just gets gobbled down by me, but hopefully I won't keep that up for long. I mean he even LOST 2lbs on vacation AND he cheated just a little. Grrr... WHO loses weight on VACATION????

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