Tuesday, July 7, 2009

End of a Decade

Today is my last day as 29.

This was not how I planned on celebrating it.

For starters, I feel huge. I'm exploring numbers on the scale I've never before seen and it's not fun. /Sigh

I also wanted to be splashing my way through a water park, but not just ANY water park...the MAC DADDY of water parks. However, I don't think that's recommended for women 2 weeks away from their due date. Hmm...that MIGHT be a good induction technique though.

I guess I thought I'd leave my 20's with a bang... but instead I feel like I'm just sort of sliding into 30, like it's just another day. Being in my 30's just sounds kinda weird. I mean, 39 is still in the 30's and I feel so far off from almost-40. But, then again, the more time I spend with people in their early 20's I realize that I'm eons away from that group too.

I wish I could say I was doing something to celebrate this last day of a decade, but alas I'm off to go make some dinner.

They say the 30's is the new 20's... maybe I should be excited.

Resolutions for this next decade: Do something EXCITING. Run a 5K. Visit more wineries. Brush up on my swing dance skills. Maybe even rekindle the Japanese I took in high school and in college?

And DEFINITELY. No matter what...make it to my water park and ride ALL the rides.

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Lib said...

You are DEFINITELY coming out next summer with Kev and the kids (no excuses!) to visit Schlitterbahn in KC. All the rides are opening this year. The vacation village stuff with the Bass Pro type shop, treehouse condos, and Riverwalk won't be open completely until 2011. It's going to be awesome though, and the kids will be the perfect age for it by that point (and I think they'll both still get free admission).

Happy birthday Lauren! I'll call you later today. Love you!