Saturday, July 18, 2009

3 days to go.... or less?

Kevin here ---

Its about 9pm here and I've been having 'gut' feelings (haha) since yesterday that the baby would be coming this weekend. We've been making preparations all day. And just 30 minutes ago Lauren started getting sharp pain contractions that make her yelp mid-sentence. My cousin Trisha who has 6 kids says "Sounds like you'll be in the hospital by morning", and I have a gut feeling we will maybe.

Took a snapshot of Lauren a few minutes ago to show her beach ball under the shirt.

I can't help but throw in some more gratuitous photo braggardship of my favorite daughter in her favorite blanket giving daddy her cheek for a kiss earlier today. Her blanket and the new word "cozy" are her two favorite new things this week.

If we do go in tonight, I'll definitely keep ya'll posted!


Katie and Jason said...

sooo cute! Both your wife and your daughter :)

Angie said...

Kevin, I eagerly anticipate your "updates" - wow it seems like it was just Natalie's turn.
Lauren, you are my hero and if only I could look as fab as you at 6 months pregnant and not 9 months. You look awesome and I think you will be walking out of the hospital in your pre-prego clothes ;)
Love you guys - so excited to hear about the little ones arrival!