Wednesday, July 29, 2009

3:55 PM - Baby says "Heck no, I won't go!"

It is clear that 'He who has not been named' is in outright defiance of not having a name yet and is waiting for us to choose one.

Mrs. Lauren has been a real trooper today, having only liquids for food, twice, and having to endure watching me eat (as I was told I should eat or I'll pass out...advice I was more than happy to adhere to).

Mr. Nameless is taking his good old time and there has been some but little "progress" (paraphrased for the squirmy men out there) today, but the doc says everything is coming along fine, just slowly, and baby is doing well. It's just a waiting game. Lauren can't feel a thing, and is enjoying the "warm tingl[ies]" from the epidural. We tried watching a movie we picked up at the Red Box this morning; an action-hero movie called 'The Watchman', which was so completely boring and we were not able to follow it at all, that we turned it off after 30 minutes and fell asleep, (it was that bad)!

So we wish we had some great action and news to report, but alas we've nothing to tell. Our techy gadgets are allaying some of our duldrums but with batteries waning, we might actually have to resort to *gasp*... magazines!!!!!


Beth said...

I was going to say he might be waiting on a name. :)

Angie said...

Aww hang in there. Maybe some cards to pass the time ;)