Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Stuck in West Palm Beach

I, Kevin, am stuck here in West Palm Beach. That doesn't sound so bad now does it? Imagine if you will, some possible way that being stuck a mile from the beach in south Florida could possibly be anything but grand and fantastic. Imagine it! Stuck! Wow that would be great, no? Well, it's true, I'm stuck here, but it's not at all the essense of my hopes and dreams. In fact, the reason it's not so terrific is because I'm on a Boeing 737, with 140 other passengers parked nicely in front of Gate B5 and we aren't going anywhere. Why? Because Baltimore ground has declared us grounded because of "traffic". How do you have traffic in a 3D airspace? Well, we're here for a good while enjoying each other's sweaty stench and cramped armrests while we wait...just to take off. :)

Oh well... I always heard of people being stuck on planes for hours and thought "wow that must be aweful". Yup.


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