Thursday, May 24, 2007

What's in a Name?

So a lot of people have been asking us if we've picked a name yet (because peanut would be a bit odd). The short answer to that question? No. This has been the great debate as Kevin and I seem to be on opposite sides of the fence about the perfect name. I think that's the hardest part. If this was kid #4 or #5, it might be a bit less important to pick that "perfect" name since maybe we'd already have exhausted our favorites. But since we don't know how many girls we're going to have, this is our ONE shot at the best girl name we can come up with - no pressure!

Generally speaking, Kevin likes names that are bit more commonplace and I like names that are a bit more unusual - but not made up or bizarre (like Moonflower or anything). If you talk to us in person about it, Kevin will be happy to chime in that I thought the name Mordecai was a nice name at one point. Just to defend myself, I thought the name Kai was cute for a boy (although its not my FAVORITE) and I thought that Mordecai was a great character in the Bible. Retrospectively, if I really wanted the name Kai, I'd probably go with Malachi...but we've got girls name to focus on so it doesn't really matter. That's the hardest part - Kevin and I semi agreed on boy's names we liked (except for Mordecai, obviously) and had never really discussed girls names. Ah well, we have 3 more months to duke it out I guess. =)

Oh, just to let you know... we're not actually sharing what the contenders are. We WILL share her name with everyone once we've picked it out, though. It just makes it easier for both of us to weigh the choices in our minds. However, if you have any ideas for what you think her name should be, we're definitely taking suggestions. So, please leave a comment. We can use all the help we can get!


angmo said...

If she's actually born on your due date, you should name her Angela!!! Sept 8th is my birthday!!! ;)

pipsylou said...

Fiona :) - i LOVE that name! there was another you loved and i can't think of it now but i loved that one too! i'm a dork. :)

i TOTALLY get the wanting to stay away from the plastic baby crap. it's all the baby industry's fault - making you think you need it all. TRUST ME. you don't.

Beth said...

We like using biblical names, hence Elijah. But I also like names that tie in with ours since the kid is a part of us. So ELIjah starts the same as ELIzabeth so that worked nicely. So if you like that route try something that ties into your names, like Kela. hehe :)

Miriam said...

I think a fabulous Biblical name is Miriam - it has sooo many cute nicknames - Mim, Mia, Mir, Mimi - what more could a kid want in a name?!