Thursday, May 24, 2007


Last week we did something we had never done - registered for baby stuff. I intended to go with a girlfriend of mine who was educated in the field of what you really needed to get by, but Kevin was determined not to be left out of the festivities and insisted he come along. So we made it a double date - Nathan and Heather (& Ella) and Kevin and me.

As we perused the aisles of highchairs and pack n plays, Kevin quickly became a "deer in the headlights" and proclaimed he was headed to the camping section. Ha! Ah well... at least he lasted 5 minutes. =)

I have to admit to being a bit overwhelmed myself. Neither one of us want our home to be "babified" - a term we use to describe the virtual "taking over the house" by primary colored plastic objects. I'm sure its something that becomes rather innocuous to you after a while, but the idea of having our little cutie pie enter our life requiring much more stuff for a day out of the house than I have ever taken on a week long vacation is a bit horrifying to both of us. Ah, you say... "such newbies". And I have to admit - we really are.

So we've managed to pick out fairly neutral baby gear just to make the initial impact a bit less shocking, but I'm guessing that this kid is going to be like all the rest eventually - brightly colored plastic toys in tow. And I'm guessing at that point (once they're here) we won't really care about that stuff anymore.

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