Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Sausage Fingers

Tonights blog entry is inspired by my friend Rachel and her fun method of linking items.

Ahh... so I just got back from an hour long walk. I've been walking here the past few days. I had been walking around the park near our house, but its only a mile loop so walking it three times can get boring. I've exhaused many of the loops around our house too - so this is a nice change. I noticed today I got a few funny stares. My t-shirt was pretty tight to my stomach so I'm sure people either knew I was pregnant or were thinking I needed to do a WHOLE LOT more walking. =)

One of the interesting things about pregnancy is the massive swelling that goes on in your body. I definitely think the heat (and the fact that I like salt) aggravates it too. At the end of my walk my fingers were like little sausages and my feet felt rather inflated. I've only really noticed this the past few weeks. That and a pain at the bottom of my stomach - which I've been told is ligament pain. For that reason, I've stopped jogging - it just hurt too much. I'd go out for a short jog around the block and be hobbling around the rest of the night as if I'd run a marathon. I thought riding a bike would be a bit better, but I paid dearly for that the next day - maybe I'm just bit too ambitious about how much I can do. =)

I'm sure at the end of the summer I'll be glad to have my body back, but right now I'm enjoying the aches and pains. I know, call me strange, but I guess after Joseph I'm just glad to have made it this far with a clean bill of health. Its almost as if these aches and pains are signals that the baby is getting bigger and my body is progressing as it should be. I had the realization tonight that I really only have 2.5 more weeks until my 3rd trimester! I dont know where I've been, but these past few weeks have really flown by. I remember the weeks crawling by in my first trimester thinking "am I really only 8 weeks?". I'm envisioning the summer going by pretty fast.

People have asked me if she moves a lot - and the answer is yes. She definitely has times in which she's active, though. The book I read said she has the wake/sleep patterns of a newborn now - which worries me a bit. Currently she's indicating that she's wide awake at 10am and 10pm!. Right as I'm winding down for bed she's ready to party. =)

Well, I'm going to go hit the sack soon. Night all!

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