Friday, May 18, 2007

Happy 1/2 Birthday, Lib!

Today is a momentous occasion. It's my sister Elizabeth's 1/2 birthday - she's the big 21.5 today! I'm sure a lot of you out there probably don't celebrate half birthday's but my family always made it a point to celebrate those all important milestones with a little recognition, because lets face it - when you're little a year is a heck of a long time to wait! It all really got started from a kids book titled (The Half Birthday Party). You have to remember that we were the family who at one point discovered that the maximum amount of books one person could check out of the library was 100 because we ACTUALLY had that many kids books checked out. =) Celebrating half birthdays is a tradition that just stuck for us and I plan on carrying it into OUR kids' lives. I think that theres far too little celebration anymore. And with the ho-hum of our daily lives, there needs to be a little bit more to look forward to. Twenty-four weeks tomorrow...officially 60% of the way there! Lets have a party. =)

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Beth said...

I love half birthdays! Matt thinks I'm nuts, go figure. :) Since my birthday is just 5 days before Christmas my mom would celebrate my half birthday for me. Being the fish I am I never got to have a cool pool party so I enjoyed my half birthday in June. :)