Sunday, January 30, 2011

We are Pull-Up Free!!!

Natalie acheived a HUGE milestone this past week and went 7 nights in a row without wearing a pull-up to bed.  Whooo Hooo!!

To celebrate we got her a demonic Disney movie.

Okay, so let me just say that I had no idea that Disney was THAT bad, but The Princess and the Frog just creeped me out.  Demons, tarot cards, palm readings!


Princess Tiana was nice, but they could have left out all of the Shadow Man and his accomplices and still would have had a decent movie.  I was truly disappointed with it and fortunately we were able to take it back.

After evaluating all of the Disney movies Natalie owns, I'm thinking that perhaps we'll try to go another route with future movie purchases.  Snow White deals with murder, attempted murder and death.  There's a line in Sleeping Beauty where Queen Maleficent calls on "all the powers of hell!" and there's a lot of the use of "idiot" and "stupid" in several of the Pixar movies.  That might all be okay when she gets a little older and we can talk through all this stuff, but I'm uncomfortable letting Disney dictate what's okay for my kid to be privy to right now.  I'm in the process of trying to find some VeggieTale movies to feature more often at home and may well be getting rid of some of the more offensive Disney flicks we have.  So disappointing, really, as the stories, themselves, are so good.

Ahh... and so it's starting.  I can already see us fighting about short skirts and bikinis!!

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Angie said...

wohoo Natalie on the no pull-ups. Again I want advice!! :)