Tuesday, January 4, 2011


So last week I was sitting at my desk minding my own business when I noticed a strange neck stiffness all of the sudden.  Turning my head was so painful, in fact, that I was unable to fully move my head from side to side (envision someone with a neck brace that requires turning the entire torso to look side). Figuring it would just "go away" as it easily as it had come I carried on as usual.  Granted my neck has gotten a bit "better" but the whole thing has kinda migrated down my back and I wake up in a good deal of pain in the morning now.  Yesterday I caved and went to the chiropractor and, while it helped some, I'll be back again tomorrow.

If this is the way that 2011 is starting I'd like to call a timeout.  When did 31 become old?  I at least thought I had a decade or so more before I got strange pains from sitting in an office chair.

This might be retribution from my body for taking a month off of working out and then stuffing my face through the holidays.  You just watch out, body, because when I get back to it I am SO going to kick you in the butt.

Off to take some ibuprofen now...

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