Friday, January 21, 2011

A State of Chaos

I keep reminding myself that my house will be clean... one day. 

Granted I can clean it, but the kids and I spend one day at home and the house could be mistaken for a burglary scene.  Couch cushions are on the floor, clothes drawers are emptied, bookshelves completely swept of all their books, refrigerator magnets littering the floor.  Natalie can definitely be to blame for her fair share of messes, but really it's Liam who's the prime culprit.

Just today, I cleaned his room three times.  He's climbing the steps to his room all the time now and loves to go in and close the door to his room and turn on his music. 

Funny... I have a feeling he'll be doing this in about 13 years too. 

This morning, while I was stealing a few moments to apply my makeup, he went into his room and shut the door and redecorated his pad with the bag of wet diapers hanging off of his changing table.

Let's hope THAT isn't being repeated in 13 years.

The kids are playing together a lot more - and that's fun to see.  However, one unfortunate side effect is that we hear a lot of screaming coming from Liam these days.  Usually it's in response to Natalie "mothering" him by trying to pick him up or shuttle him into the position she wants him in.  Sometimes it's indignation that he doesn't have the toy he wants or she's taken it away from him.  I can imagine it will just be replaced by "No!" and "Back you evil fiend!" in no time.

Just the other day I walked past the playroom door and did a double take.  Both kids are in a little drawer enclosure we use to store the play food.  The drawers have been cast aside and the whole thing is upside down.  Not sure what the faces are saying but they definitely look guilty!

Recently, to my amusement Liam's taken quite a liking for Dora and her map.  Well, okay, its really just the map.  Cartography in his future?  Not sure, but he'll go ballistic for the map when it comes on TV and listened rather intently to me read a Dora book Natalie had brought home from the library, insisting that we turn back to the "MA!" (map).  This is the first book of any length he's listened to.   What hold does Dora and her triangle-shaped head have on kids?   Seriously, what do the creators of the Dora empire understand about kids that I don't?

While I've never been fond of introducing my kids to TV, I DO see a need for Liam to be able to sit in one spot for an extended period of time so that we can travel to Kansas City to see my parents this spring.  Maybe Dora will help forge the way!  My last plane trip with him in August was a living nightmare and I'm determined not to repeat it.  So we'll see...

I walked into the living room in the middle of preparing dinner the other night to see this...
Notice the couch cushion missing?  I think my husband removed it this time.  Geez I can't win!!!

Realizing he's caught looking so grown up.  Now I just need to put him to work so he can pay for a maid.

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