Sunday, January 30, 2011

Snow Day

This was our first foray into the snow this winter.  I can attest that it *might* be our last.  Anyone out there ever try to dress a 1 year old and 3 year old in winter gear all by oneself?  I can tell you it took almost 45 minutes (well that included me as well).  Ridiculous!

Okay, so that DOES seem a bit of a downer, but we DID have a good time playing in the white stuff.  Well, Liam was a bit tentative and not particularly interested.  Hmmm... I seem to remember a certain someone feeling quite the same way when they were his age...

We are not amused.

Yes, his pants are pink.  Perhaps that's what he was so unhappy about!

I had to bribe with a treat to get Natalie to look at me for this photo!  We ended up doing hot chocolate when we came inside which she announced she didnt much care for.  Must run in the family because I've never been a fan either!

Natalie was sledding down our tiny hill right into the neighbors fence and thought it was the most hilarious thing ever.  Hopefully next year Liam will be a good enough sport to try a better hill.

Standing in our picture window admiring the snow.  I love this photo because you can kind of see pictures of her on the window sill when she was 14 months old.  Sniff... they grow up so fast!

Thats all for now folks!

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