Friday, February 15, 2008

KC, Valentines Day and Really Really Late Christmas Cards. =)

Ah, Natalie and I are flying to KC for a nice long weekend. Notice I didn't mention that KEVIN was coming, because he's not. He's staying back to hold the fort down and afford me some fun one on one time with the parentals. But what is key is that I'll be traveling with Nater-bug all by my lonesome! I'm completely packed - bare essentials only - so I dont have to lug 10 million things through the airport. I'm just scratch that... PRAYING that she doesn't have a bad time of it on the plane. I also found out yesterday from my friend (who watched her Mon/Wed this week) that her daughter and husband now have the flu. So hopefully Natalie's not going to be coming down with anything like that. I had my flu shot and she's been nursing - which they say helps. Hopefully so!

Kevin and I had a really GOOD Valentines day. I suprised him at his office yesterday for lunch and we had a GREAT time eating at the Cheesecake Factory. We even got dinner to go so that we wouldnt have to cook last night. Then last night we spent cuddling on the couch catching up on all of our DVR'd shows (Lost, American Idol and *much to Kevins chagrin* Millionaire Matchmaker). Oh, I FINALLY got my Christmas/New Years/Presidents Day cards printed and I'm mailing those out this week. Why am I even sending them this late?? Because I dont want people to take me off of their list for next year! And we had pictures taken exactly for this purpose - forget the fact that Natalie is now 2 months older and I dont really like the picture of myself. I'm a little behind the 8-ball, I know. But, why should all of the cards/pictures come ONE time of the year? Why can't we celebrate boring old February with a card? We need something to spice it up! That being said, if you dont receive a card/pic and want one, I may not have your address. So email me and let me know. If you dont have my email address, I'm not sure I want my face plastered on your refrigerator door. No hard feelings. =)

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