Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ahhhh.... Vacation.

Well the trip to KC was SO much fun. The travel itself went much better than I thought it might. She slept great on the way there - I was even able to read a book! On the way back, she also took a nap. Something about the hum of the plane. I read my girlfriend Miriam's blog about flying with her twins (they're almost 11 months) and I imagine flying with Natalie is not always going to be so easy.

Natalie had another first while visiting Nana and Papa's house (at two months she laughed for the 1st time there). This past visit she sat up for the first time by herself! Well, by "sat up" I mean she stayed put for a couple minutes when I put her in the sitting position. Of course she was steadying herself on a toy, but she was there long enough for me to snap this photo. The high chair
in the other picture is the same high chair my sister sat in when she was a baby. It's over 20 years old... almost an antique! That's right, Lib... you're old! =)

She didnt sleep well during our stay in KC. But I think it could have been the change in schedule and the different bed. Fortunately, my parents had some good gear to keep her occupied - a borrowed swing and bouncy seat as well as a purchased pack-n-play and carseat. It was nice not having to haul all of the necessary gear through the airport!

During our stay, we drove out to see Mommo and Poppo and Augie. We ate a delicious meal and enjoyed catching up in an all-too-short visit. Mommo and Poppo gave Natalie an adorable quilt with her name and birthday on it and her first doll embroidered with her name too.

We also did a day-trip to Clinton, Mo - the half-way point between KC and Springfield to catch up with my good girlfriend from college, Angie. She just had a baby in December and it was my first chance to meet little Reece. Now 2 months old, she still sleeps quite a bit. Ahhh... I remember those days. How quickly they pass! =)

There were a lot more friends that I wanted to catch up with and a lot more relaxing that I wanted to do, but alas... all good vacations must come to an end. Hopefully we'll be able to make it out again soon!

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