Tuesday, January 22, 2008

What's Been Goin' On Lately

Not much to report here, other than the fact that Kevin got pooped on three, count em three days in a row. But when the pooper is such a cutie... who can really be too annoyed? =)

One of the times was on a trip out to Super Walmart. Kev and I had just spent the morning and good part of the afternoon staring at the wall trying to figure out what we could do with an infant in the middle of January. We desperately wanted to get out of the house so we ended up opting to go to Super Walmart - of all places. Funny what kids do to you... we were really excited! So we'd gone through the dry goods section of Walmart and were making our way through the groceries. I had JUST passed Natalie off to Kevin because my back was getting sore from carrying her and she wasn't content to sit in the infant carrier. Somewhere between the lettuce and the fruit, Kev turns to me and says, "she just dropped a big one". We looked down and the diaper had completely failed. Poo was running down her leg, covering Kevin's jacket and staining her sock. I lost it and started laughing uncontrollably drawing a lot of unwanted attention to a pretty embarrassed Kevin. Ha! What else could you do? Poor kid had to wear the outfit all the way home and then it was into the tub for the third bath in three days. Ahh.. well at least she likes baths.

She's been doing well sleeping. She's regularly going to bed around 630pm and then we wake her up before we got to bed (around 10pm). Then she'll wake up once on her own anywhere between 4:30am and 630am... Then she'll go BACK to bed until Kevin wakes her up to go to the sitters (730am) or sleep until about 930 if we dont stir her. Kev and I were commenting tonight that even though it would be nice to keep her up longer at night, it IS nice having time together. We've tried keeping her up later to hang out with us and it is a disaster! She definitely gets beyond the tired zone and gets so overly exhausted that she can't go to sleep. It ends up being a big cry fest and a VERY long night.

Speaking of long night... I need some good sleep tonight so I'm going to sign off. But before I do... what's your favorite two player card game to play? I've been wanting to play cards for the longest time, but I don't really know any fun two-player games. **Kevin hates speed games, so if you have any non-speed game recommendations, offer them up!


Angela said...

War? Gin Rummy? I don't play cards very often (anymore anyway---heck remember freshman year? We were always playing cards!)

I find your walmart store very funny...:) I had to tell Roman and while I was reading, I was LOL and tears were coming out!

Beth said...

I don't know if you'll read this since it's been awhile since you posted but Matt is the same way, hates speed games. Loves card games that make you think, bah. We'll play Hearts or Spades usually. We have this game called sequence that's fun too, it's a board game with regular cards.