Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Do you ever struggle with feeling boring? (i.e. Would I like to be friends with me?) I think I've decided that no... I wouldnt like to be friends with me. I'm too busy at home to be spontaneous anymore and the stuff I've got to talk about is diapers, nursing issues and when I'll have time to scrapbook. Um...when did that happen? Ok, "4 months ago" probably would be a good answer, but I guess what troubles me is that I feel like it happened a while before that... before even being pregnant.

If you dont know this about me already, I'm a bit OCD. My house has to be clean (its not at the moment, but its driving me mad), I love organization, I have a spending problem when it comes to groceries and stocking the pantry/freezer, I can be militant about working out and dieting and I'm a bargain hunter to the point of insane. But I look back to my pre-marriage days and I was fun and much more carefree - not afraid to drive liberally over the speed limit, order a pizza at 11pm, sleep in until noon on Saturdays, plan spontaneous trips/outings, etc. Maybe its the whole "being an adult" thing that's squelched my creativity, but the reality of fines for traffic tickets, extra lbs, needing to care for family and get things done has set in. Ahhh.. if only I could blame this on Kevin, but sometimes I think life just happens. And with this stage of life come lots of responsibility. And maybe you could say that with responsibility comes "boring". =)

Dont get me wrong... I like my life. I love being married, having a baby and taking care of our home. I just cant help but feel that I might be a little boring to others at this stage in the game. One of my New Years resolutions was to blog more.. well I've wanted to blog several times this week and really been at a loss for what to say. Natalie's been hitting the hay around 530 every night. I have a big scrapbook day this Saturday and am busy getting pictures together for it. Every night we come home and stare at the fridge and say... "whats for dinner". Why cant we be the Jetsons? Where's Rosy when you need her? Last night we went to bed at 930. You see my dilemma? Hmmm.. so just hang in there folks. We'll be back to the land of the un-boring one of these days. I'm committed to finding it again. Because being "responsible" is really just no fun!


Angela said...

I really don't find you boring at all! I think we all kind of get to that point where we choose to not be as spontaneous as we once were...(but then again--you know me--I'm not that spontaneous to begin with! Have I always been boring?!)

I actually find your blog very interesting...as I'll be going through what you're going through come June! (Yes--we're expecting--May 31st!)

Miriam said...

Um...I knew you before you were married and you were still boring...haha just kidding! You have mellowed quite a bit from those days - but I definitely think it is for the good!

It is easier to be spontaneous and:
- stay up late - when you can sleep in uninterrupted
- spend money freely - when it means only you will be going with out because you bought that $$$ item
- pack up and leave for the weekend - when you don't have to bring the WHOLE house with you! : )

I know what you mean about being boring - I prefer to think of it as just a more simplified lifestyle right now - focusing on all the important things like family, food, & sleep! Good to hear your ramblings - they are always interesting to me!

Angie said...

Well let's face it back in the day I think you made up for lost time with the whole being crazy...ok I mean being spontaneous! LOL - I miss that Lauren too, then again I miss that life in general - but now that I am 29...I see being responsible is well...our reality ;)
And by the way I think your blog is quite interesting! Be it about cleaning, scrapping or breastfeeding - maybe because I am in the same boat;) Love ya girl.