Friday, January 18, 2008

The Attack of the Stealth Poo-bomb

Kevin here... thought I'd share my morning working from home while caring for our
little lovely, flowery, precious princess... via a little poem. :)

Here it goes...

The Attack of the Stealth Poo-bomb

Working from home and enjoying it so
Natalie started crying, why I didn't quite know
Its time to change an innocuous “pee-diaper”
I new it was time, Natalie was getting quite hyper
Pee I thought, by my normal sniffing habit
Knew it must be, as my trusty nose would have it

Hastily I set about taking off to put on new
when behold I found an abundance of oozing, gooey poo!
Whoa momma I said, as I saw the carnage
the diaper wasn’t just wet, it was slightly orange!

Oh Crap! I said as I lifted her bum
then seeing her back I felt kinda dumb!
twas all over her and her changing pad
was a big huge mess that smelled pretty bad!
“Sigh”, I did and the clothes came off
but seeing her totally poo-covered now, I started to scoff!

Only a bath would fix this now
but with only me at home (and poo-covered), I wasn’t sure how
to wash little Natalie all by myself
I’ll tell you what, I coulda used a house-elf!

It wasn’t easy but soon we were done
and now Natalie’s clean and its time for some fun!!!


Barb W said...

What a poet!

Miriam said...

What no pictures... : ). Just kidding - I think this kind of thing is best for Natalie's mom's eyes only!