Sunday, January 27, 2008

Playing on the Mat.

Natalie and I (Lauren) hung out all day long because Kevin had a bit of a stomach bug or food poisoning or some such ailment. It looks like the worst is over for him now, so that's a good thing.

The activity mat in the picture is one of Natalie's favorite things. It was a recommendation by my friend Miriam who has tested the product out on twins with raving reviews. My question is, who designs this stuff? Who sits there and thinks that an archway with a rainbow colored pineapple with legs dangling from it would be loads of fun for a baby? Hmmm... I'm thinking drugs are definitely involved in the design process. =)

Natalie spends most of the time on her back because she's mastered the rolling over thing (from tummy to back). We've yet to see her roll from back to stomach, but she manages to get around the floor if she wants to by scooting on her back. (Hmm... that's where all the hair on the back of her head has gone!)

I love this photo... she doesn't look at ALL surprised to see a purple sea lion in her bedroom. I mean... if pineapples can have legs, the sky has no limit!

Oh, in case I havent mentioned it to you, Natalie is about 11.5 lbs at the moment (10th percentile for her age). Although that seems small, she has increased from 5th percentile in weight from the last visit. So things are looking up! And she managed to sleep another long night last night. So exciting! Maybe we're on to something!


pipsylou said...

adorable doesn't cover it. and i FINALLY see you in her, lauren! I didn't see it before now! woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!

Miriam said...

I love these new photos - she looks so much older already! Glad to know she like the play mat - seems like we spent hours on ours...and now...they couldn't be bothered with fast those phases go!